Starting a Career in Sports Media Relations

Life is often about routines, a natural repetition of action that becomes your norm. In college, the routines you’ve grown accustomed to, like showing up to class in flip-flops and shorts, are completely acceptable for the environment you’re in. But, as you approach graduation your environment is about to change, and the ingrained routines of […]

When Football Night in America Calls – You Pick up the Phone

A Political Science major graduates from college and a year later is working as a Production Assistant for Football Night in America on NBC Sports. Impossible. Sports production jobs are so competitive every opening is flooded with hundreds of resumes. Journalism Majors, Broadcast Production, Sports Management – a prime job at Football Night in America […]

A Path to Professional Sports Jobs

There is never a straight line to success in the sports industry, there are steps forward, sideways and even, at times, backwards. But through it all, when you have an established goal that you can cling to, a desire that isn’t easily pushed around, you can find your way through thick and thin. Traci Campbell […]

Are You A Match For The ESPN DMA Program?

If you were told your dream opportunity had only four spots available and around a thousand applicants, how would you react? Are you the type that sees that scenario as a challenge worth embarking on, confident your skills can match up with anyone, or does this intimidate you to your core, pushing you deeper into […]

Preparing Yourself for the Future of Sports Journalism

When I say Butler University what is the first thing that comes to mind? Brad Stevens…Gordon Hayward…NCAA Finalist…Cinderella? All those answers are right, but stop well short of defining the prestigious University. “I remember watching one of their Sweet 16 runs in 2000s from a sports bar while I was living out in D.C.,” says […]

Video: Is the Sports Media Biased, or is it Something Else?

The question of bias comes up often in regards to the sports media – but is it an agenda that leads the sports media to East Coast cities and teams or is something else at work here? Director of Content Brian Clapp investigates in this short video: east coast bias.wmv Video Transcript for “Is […]

Video: The Unwritten Rules of the Sports Media

Early in my sports television career I stepped in many, many pot holes. Some would call them rookie mistakes and while I agree there is a level of ‘learning by fire’ that takes place in the sports industry, it still would have been nice if someone warned me just a little. Heck, it would have […]

BSU at the Games: Elite Athletes, Down to Earth Attitudes

22 student journalists from Ball State University have traveled to Sochi to act as sports reporters for the Winter Olympics, they are sharing their exclusive stories on the Work in Sports Blog, and giving us a taste of what it is like to cover one of the largest sports events in the world. Written by […]

It’s Finally Sunk In – We’re Headed to Russia

Over the next two weeks and Ball State University are working in conjunction on an exciting project to cover the Sochi Olympic games through the eyes of 22 student journalists. These are their stories… Written by Joe Ruley/BSU at the Games I’m currently flying 37,005 ft. above the Atlantic at 626 mph. On top […]

Video: A Concept to Help Define Your Sports Career Path

Good ideas come from everywhere – even sometimes, as Director of Content Brian Clapp found out –  your first grade daughter. In this short video, Clapp explains a simple, yet advanced concept on how to create a path for various sports careers by thinking with the end in mind. Lets us know what you […]