How to Stand Out in a Sea of Bland Job Seekers

This is the start of a very awkward conversation, but you probably guessed that from the headline. I’ve begun this article 100’s of times and yet I always chicken out publishing it because, well, it’s brutally honest and most people don’t appreciate that. I originally titled it “How to Be Smart in a Sea of […]

53% of Jobs in the Sports Industry Require This Skill

As I begin composing this article there are 5,939 sports jobs currently listed on our job board. Guess how many have the word “sales” in them? (more on that in a minute) Say the word “sales” and the first thing that comes to mind for many is being aggressively approached by someone in an ill-fitting […]

The Changing World for Women in Sports (and how to get ahead of the crowd)

The image of men working with a Scotch and cigarette on the corner of their desk while the big game plays on a TV in the background isn’t reserved for the writers of Mad Men. This has been the long-standing perception of the sports industry, an all-boys club where men are men and if you […]

Getting Help With Your Sports Sales Career

Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing former NBA executive and current Founding Director of the Sports and Entertainment Management MBA program at the University of South Florida, Dr. Bill Sutton. We don’t have enough space on this blog to highlight all of Dr. Sutton’s career accomplishments but one that stands out is his […]

Turning a Passion For Baseball Into a Career

For some people discovering their intended career path is akin to climbing a mountain trail beset with pitfalls, avalanches and thinning oxygen levels. It can be a journey full of frustration and confusion. And yet for others, clarity and direction comes early. “For as long as I can remember, the only thing I wanted to […]

An Unofficial Masters Course for Working in Sports

Sports equal temptation. Watching the games we love makes the world seem simple; men and women compete, we watch and enjoy, they make money. It’s only logical that ‘We, The People’ would want in on the financial benefits of sports. Many are lured in to a pursuit of a sports career with a false preconception of […]

6 Myths About Sports Careers and Why You Need to Ignore Them

Myths are a potent elixir, they often help a negative thought gain roots in your brain and convince you of pending failure. They generally represent the start of an excuse, the reason we provide for why we can’t accomplish something, or why the deck is stacked against us. They prey on the weak-minded, giving an […]