It’s Finally Sunk In – We’re Headed to Russia

Over the next two weeks and Ball State University are working in conjunction on an exciting project to cover the Sochi Olympic games through the eyes of 22 student journalists. These are their stories… Written by Joe Ruley/BSU at the Games I’m currently flying 37,005 ft. above the Atlantic at 626 mph. On top […]

Video: Why Sports Jobs? It’s Simple…

We all search for inspiration, something to act as a beacon in our lives imploring us to follow or come closer. For over 15 years, working in the sports industry has provided me excitement, passion, pride and fulfillment. This video is my attempt to pay forward all that working in the sports industry has given me. […]

Columbus Blue Jackets 9th Annual Sports Career Fair

The Northeast has this reputation as the mecca of the sports world, with multiple professional teams always at the top of their respective sports. But if you take a strong look at the map, you’d be surprised to notice how many teams and sports organizations are located within a short drive of central Ohio. Pittsburgh, […]

Video: The Work Environment for Jobs in Sports

It’s one of the most common questions for anyone who has a job in sports… what is it really like? There is no denying how great it is, but at the same time there is incredible pressure and urgency, so the image some people have of watching sports all day with your feet up, is […]

Sports Industry Top Ten of the Week for Aug 23rd

At the tail end of my 7-year stint at CNN sports, right around 2003, CNN decided sports were no longer in line with what their core audience wanted. I can’t tell you why the higher ups chose this road, they didn’t involve me in the discussions, but I’d say it’s a safe assumption that someone […]

High School Sports: Conquering the Final Frontier of Sports Broadcasting

Count the DVR amongst the most impactful technologies of the last decade plus. Maybe it’s not as sexy as the smartphone or cloud computing, but it has changed the viewing patterns of over 50 million people. I’d say that’s impact. Those viewers, armed with the power of record and fast-forward, more often than not skip […]