Does Volunteering at Sporting Events Help My Career?

This article is a guest post from Alison Myers – follow her on Twitter, no seriously, do it, especially if you are a Hockey fan. If you were in New York City or New Jersey during any part of Super Bowl week, you probably saw numerous people in bright yellow jackets with name badges around […]

From Small College to the Super Bowl

For all the big names and huge personalities that grab the headlines leading up to the Super Bowl, oftentimes important storylines revolve around lesser-known agents of the game who hold unheralded but impactful roles. 27-year old Canisius College graduate Stephen Sansonese is one such person. As the field and site grounds manager at MetLife Stadium, […]

Make Yourself Smarter for the Super Bowl

Since the NFC championship game I’ve engaged in way too many conversations (OK, heated debates) about Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman. This is a no Richard Sherman zone. I feel like we need a Brett Favre comeback story just to offset the non-stop Sherman chatter. I’m fatigued, I’m sure you are, so let’s move on, […]