10 Horrible Mistakes Made on Sports TV

During the recent inadvertent display of male genitalia during a morning TV show in Denver (you can watch the video here…if you are the one person who is yet to see it) the majority of the world laughed, gasped and thought ‘how could that happen!’, while at the same time a collective sigh went out from those of us who have worked in the television industry, because we all realize how close we have been to that same mistake.

(Well, maybe not that mistake…but something bad or embarrassing.)

Live television is orchestrated chaos, especially in sports TV, which is probably why so many of us thrill seekers gravitate towards it. As a popular sports broadcaster once told me, “live television is like being given a really hard test and letting the world watch you take it.”

Alas, this article is not a defense of the penis presentation on Fox’s KDVR – it is quite the opposite.

We are here to glorify the terrible mistakes made on sports TV over the years – heck, we could do an entire top 100 just on ESPN – but we’re going to spread the love and present to you the worst graphics mistakes made in sports TV history.

Here’s the fun part – we crafted captions to go along with each picture, but if you’ve got something better, post it in the comment section and the best responses could get something fun in return.

10: Congratulations Mr. Buehrle, the Police are Waiting for you Outside

sports tv mistakes mark buehrle ho hitter

I’m guessing this wasn’t the sponsorship idea Checkers thought they were buying into


9: The First and Last Time Arod Will Be Confused with Nelson Mandela

sports tv arod mandela

Nelson Mandela fought apartheid, cleaned up South Africa’s monetary policy and became their first black President. Arod dated Madonna who once said, “we should support the black Muslim in the White House.” I can see the confusion.


8: They Forgot the Asterisk

sports tv  barry bonds hr leader in nba history

Bonds is also the stolen base leader of jai alai and has more RBI than anyone in professional bowling


7: It’s Unanimous Then!

sports tv mistakes pete rose vote

Talk about bad luck, Rose put 50 large on “NO” before the game


6: Louis and Clark

sports tv st. lewis

Emmanuel Lewis, Richard Lewis, Juliette Lewis, Huey Lewis, Carl Lewis…St. Louis

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5: I’m the GD President

sports tv mistakes barack obama

It was so much easier to spell during the Bush administration


4: Can You Find All Six Mistakes?

sports tv mistakes

I’d like to start my MLB franchise with Hunter Jones of the Bulls


3: Don’t Hold Back

sports tv mistakes opinionated

Savic could be heard mumbling under his breath, “I Will Break You”


2: Steve Nash, Still Getting Paid

sports tv mistakes lakers game sucks

Signed, Jack Nicholson


1: “Baseball been berry berry good to me”

sports tv mistakes sammy sosa cock controversy

You know what they say about PED usage

There you have it 10 incredibly embarrassing sports TV mistakes – if you think you have better captions than we came up with, add them to the comments. If you have an embarrassing example that we missed, let us know and we’ll add it to our next version and give you a shout out!

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  1. Richard Trepsas says:


    In reading your article on 10 biggest screw-ups on sports TV, I clicked the link you had for the Fox male private parts SNAFU as I’d never heard of it. Please be aware (and inform those to whom you can/must) that here’s what comes up from YouTube when I clicked on the link”

    “Denver News Station Acciden…” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by KDVR-TV.

    Best regards,

    Richard Trepsas
    Find me on linkedin.com. I’ve been an Obnoxious Boston Pats/Sox/Celts and sometime BC and Bruins fan for half a century. I worked as a paid intern for 3 Sports Information Directors over 4 years at Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT) and was a Senior when Bill Belichick was a frosh there but we never met until 2009 at an alumni event.

    • Richard thanks – I can’t say I’m surprised KDVR pulled the video from Youtube – it was a terrible moment. Really Really bad. As a Boston guy myself, I can also claim being an obnoxious Pats Celts Sox Bruins fan… – Brian

  2. I Call BS says:

    So man y obvious Photoshops on here.

    The Obama graphic isn’t even *close* to any style font ESPN actually uses.

    The Steve Nash one also doesn’t look right.

    • I applaud your skepticism, but you’d be wrong – these are all legit. Trust me I’ve spent almost two decades in sports broadcasting these types of mistakes happen often. Guys in the truck mess around making fake graphics and then put them on air by mistake – people in the control room get sloppy and make errors – even the stuff like the obama graphic which was on ESPN and made in pre-production (i.e. not live broadcast, edited beforehand) is just an honest mistake that happens and we can laugh at. – Brian

  3. Papia Sultana says:

    It is really interesting article. Nice topic. As you have worked for a longtime in sports broadcasting, so you can easily find the mistakes.

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