The Trait Hiring Managers are Looking for


Recent studies indicate hiring managers make a decision about your prospects at their company within the first few minutes of talking to you. What are they looking for in that short time period? We know one thing, and we explain it in this short video:

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Video Transcript for “The Trait Hiring Managers Are Looking For”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content: When I am interviewing people the number one thing I am looking for is confidence. Not cocky – cocky is flip and snarky – nobody wants to bring that into their corporate culture. Confidence on the other hand is an innate ability to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Here’s the problem, most people when they try to seem confident, come off cocky – they cross that line.

So how do you show a natural confidence level?

the trait hiring managers want

These guys look like they know what it takes to get hired in the sports industry

It’s simple really – education and practice bring natural confidence. Let’s say you are preparing for a test in college, if you study a lot you are going to go into that test confident, if you went you partying the night before, you are not going to go in confident. It’s that simple.

Educating yourself on a skill set, and practicing it repeatedly makes you naturally feel comfortable. So whether you are practicing interview questions and scenarios you think may come up, or your ability to speak intelligently about your Photoshop skills – having that confidence comes from your overall education and preparation.

Now, where are some resources you can get a more targeted education without having to go through a long-term, expensive degree experience?

There are many resources nowadays, sites like and CreativeLive – where you can focus in on a singular task and learn a specific skill. If you do that, you’ll have a new found confidence in your ability to achieve certain tasks and it will naturally come out in the interview process.

Look for ways you can further educate yourself and that will enhance your natural confidence.

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