The Ultimate Sports Social Media Job Could Be Yours

ultimate sports social media job

Last years XFINITY Sports Ultimate Sports Social Media Job winner Vance McCullough (right)

Sports and social media were made for one another.

During Super Bowl XLVIII 24.9 million tweets were sent about the game with a high of 381,605 during Percy Harvin’s kickoff return for a touchdown in the 3rd quarter.

That’s a ridiculous amount of social conversation about a singular event – but it makes total sense. Sports are meant to be shared, dissected, analysed and second-guessed and isn’t that the perfect function of social media?

We are often asked by you, our dedicated audience of sports job seekers, how to turn your love of social communication and sports into a career and we have the perfect answer for you.

The Ultimate Sports Social Media Opportunity

XFINITY Sports is now taking applications for their Ultimate Sports Social Media Job, a 12-month contract to become the new voice of @XFINITYSports on Twitter and their other social media channels. But don’t wait too long, the deadline to apply is Wednesday June 25th at 11:59 pm.

Let’s be clear, this is an earned job which forces you to watch multiple live sporting events, from home, on a daily basis and get behind the scenes access to some of the top sporting events during your 12-month term. Do you really need to know much more than that?

If you do, here you go:

  • Nearly 40,000 people follow @XfinitySports on Twitter – it will be your challenge to engage with them and grow that number
  • Discover creative uses for additional social media channels – for example, how can you make Instagram work for the XFINITY Sports brand?
  • Represent XFINITY at some of the biggest sporting events in the country
  • Edit and post video content, write and produce original sports articles

As part of the opportunity, XFINITY will outfit your pad with all the electronics and gear needed for your ultimate sports hub including 12-months of free XFINITY Triple Play service on the X1 Entertainment Operating System with all sports packages!

Current XFINITY customers already enjoy the most live sports with XFINITY services – part of your job will be to show the world just how much incredible sports access you have with XFINITY!

Your Challenge

This is year three of the XFINITY Sports Social Media Job Contest, and this time around they are changing things up to ensure the most qualified applicants rise to the top. For starters, each applicant will be required to submit his or her resume and perform a series of publicly-viewable social media tasks in real time, exclusively on Twitter.

The Twitter challenges have been thoughtfully created to ensure the winning applicant has the necessary combination of social media acumen and judgment, creativity, sports industry knowledge, personality, and a passion for XFINITY products and services.

Since the contest will take part in front of the entire ‘Twitterverse’ each contestant will have the unique opportunity to show why he or she has what it takes to be the next voice of XFINITY Sports!

How to Apply

It’s really easy – go to and submit your information.

The XFINITY Sports Social Media job isn’t just launching point for a career in sports social media – you’ll gain experience interviewing, develop skills on camera, enhance your overall communication and writing skills and much more.

It’s the ultimate job opportunity.


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