This Fan Rap Video Broke My Will. Introducing Chicken Noodle Coop.

Each week I receive around 20-30 emails from people asking me to share their content on our blog. About 90-95% are never published. Some are worthy contributions, most are complete junk and others fit into a different category that resists labeling.

Right around the Super Bowl I received my first ever fan rap video, from a guy named…wait for it… Chicken Noodle Coop. Even though I knew there was an extremely slim chance I would publish it, I still felt an obligation to watch.

It started out with Mr. Coop laying in a bed wearing a flannel Patriots adult onesie, rapping about how great Tom Brady is, and I was oddly transfixed. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

Sure, I had one hand over my face, peeking through my fingers in embarrassed horror, but give this guy credit, he committed to the role, had some production value, decent writing and a lot of passion. Amazingly, this isn’t a joke to him, this is quite serious.

All that said, in the end I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t publish it.

This blog is my work home, where my most valued ideas are presented to the public and where my credibility is on the line each time I hit publish. So I passed, despite Mr. Coops repeated attempts to convince me to think outside the adult onesie.

Lo and behold Mr. Coop is back – this time with a Boston Celtics rap video which landed in my inbox last week. The signature onesie is back, as well as a mustachioed sidekick wearing a full Larry Bird Team USA ensemble circa 1992.

My resistance is down. Chicken Noodle Coop has broken my will.

But here’s the deal – I want your honest feedback is it fair for me to include random posts like this every once in a while, or is this not the type of thing you have any interest in seeing. Are we damaging your trust, or adding some well-deserved levity to your normal routine?

Even though I am deciding to publish this time, I’m still conflicted, so I need your guidance. Give me some thoughts in the comment section below after watching!

And with that, here’s Chicken Noodle Coop with I Bleed Green:

You’ll never be the same.

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