Video: Is the Sports Media Biased, or is it Something Else?


The question of bias comes up often in regards to the sports media – but is it an agenda that leads the sports media to East Coast cities and teams or is something else at work here? Director of Content Brian Clapp investigates in this short video:

Video Transcript for “Is the Sports Media Biased, or is it Something Else?”

Brian Clapp Director of Content, Is there an east coast sports media bias? – I can already sense some of you in Portland Oregon screaming at your computer screen, “Of course there is! The Trailblazers never get any coverage and the Washington Wizards are always on TV and they are terrible’.

OK, that was a really bad Portland accent, actually I think it was more of a southern lumberjack vibe – but the point remains, most people believe there is an obvious bias when it comes to the sports media.

I think the problem for me is, when you use the term bias it gives a sense of impropriety, like there is an agenda at hand or something underhanded is happening. It’s not about that, and I say that as someone who has worked in the sports media for a long time.

It’s a simple business choice.

Did you realize that 80% of the U.S. population lives in either the Eastern or Central timezone? So now put yourself in the sports media decision-making mode, approaching media coverage decisions with a business sense. You are sitting in a conference room debating “Who do we want to speak to – where most of the people are, or where a small amount of the people are?” Pretty simple.

Of course you go where the stories are, but if you have a decision to make you will go to where the biggest audience is and that tends to be the east coast.

But lets be honest here – the power is in the stars. The sports media will always gravitate towards the big players. Look at a city like Green Bay, tiny little town but the Packers have a national following with star power – somebody like Tim Tebow, he rates, people want to see what he is doing so he’ll always be on, Duke basketball people want to see it…so there is sports media decision making that is business based and there is star power driven decisions.

Is there an east coast sports media bias? Yeah there is no doubt, but it’s based on decision making in a business rooted sense than it is in some sort of an agenda to push the rest of the country out of the forefront.

What do you think, do you believe in the sports media or are you tired of their over-coverage of Tim Tebow and under coverage of West Coast stories? Are you a frustrated fan or have you learned to accept the sports media for what it is? Tell us in the comments below!

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