Want to be a Sports Journalist? Better Learn This Skill


It’s the dream of many to become a sports journalist, tasked with writing compelling sports stories for newspapers, magazines and digital media outlets. But the role has changed, there are new skills and responsibilities you need to be aware of if you want a job as a sports journalist. We explain in this short video:

Video Transcript for “Want to be a Sports Journalist? Better Learn This Skill”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content WorkinSports.comYears ago being a sports journalist meant that you just wrote about sports. Now it doesn’t. Blow that out of your mind, change your thoughts. Guys like Rick Reilly, Skip Bayless, Michael Wilbon, Tony Kornheiser – these guys were sports writers who worked for newspapers and won awards for their writing, and now they are all media personalities. They are all on camera.

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Boston Globe sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy (right) may have a face for radio but he sure spends a lot of time on TV

Take it even down to a lower level, analysts on regional sports networks used to be pure sports writers and are now analysts talking on camera, doing reports and performing stand ups.

Why do I bring this all up?

Because if you want to be a sports journalist, start your on camera training now. That is the versatility that stations and networks are looking for. You wil be expected to write for a newspaper, magazine or web site…and be able to go on a local network and talk about the game, and be on Youtube doing a segment on your local sports scene.

Sports journalists need to be able to look at a camera, present information and be concise and clear. The last part is a hard thing for writers who are used to creating in a long form manner, on TV they need to be more condensed with their thoughts and articulate quickly. If you want to be a sports journalist this is a skill you need to work on now.

If you want to pursure a career as a sports journalist, don’t just work on the written word, work on how you present yourself on camera too because that will be a facet of your career.

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Brian Clapp has worked in the sports media for over 14 years as a writer, editor, producer & news director. After beginning his career in Atlanta at CNN/Sports Illustrated, he switched coasts to Seattle to work at Fox Sports Northwest. In 2010, Brian began pursuing a new found passion on the digital media side, launching a successful website and then taking on the role of Director of Content for WorkinSports.com & WorkinEntertainment.com.

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  1. Rob Layton says

    I have my own YouTube page and blog but no breaks as of yet. I have done demo as well do i have to be a jack of all trades.

  2. Soniya sikandar says

    you’re absolutely right… facing Camera is biggest & useful trick when you want to be sports oriented jobs …..(Y)