Wins 2016 User’s Choice Award users choice award winner

Peter Weddle, of WEDDLE Media, awards CEO John Mellor a 2016 User’s Choice Award

Amongst the 150,000 active job boards worldwide, Phoenix-based has risen to the elite category, earning a 2016 User’s Choice Award in a survey conducted by WEDDLE’s Media Group.

Since 2000, has been the preeminent job board for those seeking employment in the sports industry, and continues to be the only sports industry job board among the 25 User’s Choice Award winning sites.

WEDDLE’s media group has been conducting their User’s Choice Awards for 11 years, gathering data from those who are impacted most by job boards, the users themselves. These are the people that know best which sites work, and those that are less worthy of their time.

“We are a user focused company, always striving to deliver our subscribers an irreplaceable product and great customer service, to be recognized as such along with industry pillars like Monster and CareerBuilder is an honor,” says John Mellor, CEO of assisted over 390,000 people looking for help breaking into, or advancing in the sports industry last year. With over 8,000 employers posting their jobs, often exclusively, on, the audience has grown accustomed to the quality of service provided.

“There is no higher accolade than to be recognized by your customers, peers and industry professionals and according to our survey results, serves the sports industry better than anyone else,” reports Peter Weddle, CEO of WEDDLE’s Media Group.

WEDDLE’s Media Group, whose Guides have been described by the American Staffing Association as the “Zagat” of job boards, hosts this annual survey to determine the top 25 sites for job seekers and recruiters. The competition is open to any site worldwide, with voting conducted all year long on This year, over 3,800 ballots were cast to select the Winners.


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