CNN's Brooke Baldwin Shuts Down Fox Sports Radio's Clay Travis During Segment on Sexism

By Brian Clapp | September 18, 2017

Bonus Podcast - Fox Sports Radio's Clay Travis Shows What Stupidity Looks Like

I’m doing this bonus podcast because I’m mad – really mad – and this is my chance to rant a bit and release some steam.

I’ll let you know this is about Fox Sports radio host Clay Travis’ appearance on CNN this past Friday – but first a little backstory to set the stage.

For about 20 years I’ve worked in the sports media – a majority of that in broadcast television. When you work on the sports side of TV, you are often looked down at and not believed to be a true journalist. The political producers think you cover fluff pieces – the investigative team doesn’t think you know how to track down a story – the weather people, the metro, even the traffic folks feel emboldened against the silly sports people.

Bonus podcast clay travis is an idiot
Brooke Baldwin, Clay Travis on CNN (screen grab) CR: CNN
But every once in a while there is a moment where we in sports television get to show off. A story crosses over from being sports, to being news. Now, the news people will always try to steal those stories, but good sports people know how to take the story back.

In 2001 at the Daytona 500 Dale Earnhardt died on the track, I was in the producers chair live on the air on CNN/Sports Illustrated as we scrambled to get confirmation, report the story, get reaction and more. It was chaos….and then – big CNN network called down and said, ‘we’re taking your feed live on CNN, don’t f it up.”

This was that moment, and while I don’t like to think we put ourselves on a pedestal in a tragic time for Earnhardt’s family. We shined that day, and everyone was proud really proud. But those moments don’t come along that often…and unfortunately they are usually based around tragedy.

Think Aaron Hernandez, Payne Stewart dying, Pat Tillman –

We had one of those moments this week. Jemele Hill tweeting out that Donal Trump was a white supremacist and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders using her podium to declare it was a fireable offense.

This is an opportunity for sports people to shine. The networks will come calling and they’re going to want to hear passionate opinions on freedom of speech, on whether she always speaks as a representative of her employer or if she’s allowed a private voice. There are some juicy subjects to debate and discuss here.

And then Clay Travis happened.

Side note  before I dig into this – I always debate in my head whether even talking about an A-hole like Clay gives this special type of moron exactly what they want, notoriety and to be liked and propped up by their Neanderthal base.  My normal approach is to let the idiots burn out and just ignore the, but I can’t bite my tongue this time. I have to call this guy out.

So if you haven’t heard – Fox Sports Radio’s Clay Travis was on CNN as a guest to discuss the Jemele Hill controversy. Former ESPN Senior Editor Keith Reed was the other guest and the host was Brooke Baldwin.

When Baldwin came to Travis for his opinion on whether Jemele Hill should be punished by ESPN, possibly fired, he responded ‘I believe in the first amendment and boobs.”

Keith Reed rolls his eyes, Baldwin comes back to him and asks wait did you say booze…or boobs.

Travis doubles down says it again, smirking.

She calls him on it. He triples down and recites his carefully planned line again.

Can’t you just picture it – this lug nut sitting in front of the mirror earlier in the day thinking…I’ll unbutton my shirt just a little extra today…get just an extra dab of gel in my hair… and I’ll make a boob joke on live TV. This is going to be great.

But it failed. It failed miserably.

I've heard in the last few days that Travis work shopped this juvenile boob line on his blog and radio show prior to his CNN appearance but what I don't get is how he never thought to, not that funny.

How no one said to him "Clay, you sound like a 12 year old who saw American Pie for the first time and giggled themselves to sleep thinking about Shannon Elizabeth."

It was neither funny, nor profound - it was just rank amateurism.

To all of you out there who think this version of sexism is funny or appropriate, I say - want better, think better, act better, because you are showing your caveman streak and it's pretty ugly.


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