Developing an Internship Strategy for Sports Careers - Work in Sports podcast e42

By Brian Clapp | January 26, 2018

How do I get a Sports Internship? What Kind of Internship Should I Get? How Often Should I Intern to get a Job in the Sports Industry? These questions come up daily, so we're going to bring them in to one easy to follow internship strategy for sports careers you can execute!

Hi everybody, I'm Brian Clapp Director of Content for and this is the Work in Sports podcast.

Question this episode comes from Kelsey, a Master's student at the University of South Florida who is in our private facebook group (which you can join by following this link) and also emailed me at

Kelsey's question is a good one, and allows me to pivot into a larger discussion on internship strategies for sports careers.

Here's Kelsey's question:
If you had to choose, would you rather:

  1. Do one internship and absolutely crush it?

  2. Or take on multiple internships at once but maybe not be able to put as much time and effort into each one?

What would you prefer if you were choosing from yourself, and which would you rather see on someone’s resume?

Listen in to the show for my detailed answer and if you are looking for an sports internship we have hundreds of opportunities posted on -- the #1 job (and internship) board in the sports industry!

On the episode I also dig deep into the broader question of internship planning for sports careers:

  • What type of sports internships?

  • How can I stand out on a sports internship?

  • How can I build my network during my sports internship?

  • How do I bulk up my resume after a sports internship?

We really cover all the bases in this one. If you are in college or headed that way, this is a great way to learn what you need to accomplish during your time in school, and set a game planfor achieveing your dreams of a sports career.

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