Finding a Work Life Balance So You Can Thrive in Both - Work in Sports Podcast e032

By Brian Clapp | December 22, 2017

Finding a Work Life Balance So You Can Thrive in Both

Working in sports isn't unlike being a police officer, a fireman or a doctor - you are going to have an odd schedule when the main focus of your work life takes place at odd times of the day. While other people are at home winding down watching sports, you are working in it!

On this episode Brian answers a question about work life balance in the sports industry, submitted by Alex in Virginia:

Hi Brian – Love the podcast. You and all the guests seem to focus in on the fact that working in the sports industry is hard. Long hours, odd shifts, weekends, holidays…it all makes sense and doesn’t change my desire to work in the business… but how do you balance life and work?

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Couple of notes before we really jump in to this weeks great question from Alex in Virginia about work life balance in sports careers.

One, this is our last episode of the year, I’ll be taking a break over Christmas, headed to Las Vegas to see my mother in law, and I’m not bringing all my podcasting equipment with me. I have three kids, that’s enough stuff to carry.

We will be back first week of January with more awesome content and guests that I’m really excited about. This is the perfect time to catch up on back episodes… all of our content is evergreen so any of our 32 episodes are still worth listening to…if I can make suggestions, Colleen Scoles Talent Acquisition Manager with the Philadelphia Eagles is a great episode to listen to… Mark Crepeau VP of Marketing for the Basketball Hall of FameChris Wojcik NHL Director of Event Communication and Player RelationsPart 1 of Shaun Richard Associate AD for Ohio State.. all are really great listens for plane rides, road trips, walks with the dog, trips to the gym after Christmas, so get caught up on that and our shorter but just as impactful QA sessions.

Two – I’m starting a private group on Facebook for fans of the podcast. I want to build a community around this show, and the people listening who are really interested in their sports career. All of our guests will be invited to be a part of it, and I’ll be in there all the time. I think I should be launching that today… it’ll be called…get ready for it…The Work in Sports Podcast private group.Your Sports Career Questions Answered

So yeah, you should be able to find it.

But as always you can email me – or connect with me on linkedin and message me there. I’m trying to be as available as possible to all of you.

And finally – huge thanks to Carson M from University of South Carolina – she asked a great question on informational interviews, which I will answer 1st week of January�� but she also gave the podcast an awesome review on iTunes saying – this is my favorite podcast on iTunes right now and a must listen for anyone who wants to work in the sports industry! She also said I was engaging and informative… I’m humbled and appreciative Carson.

As for today's question from Alex in Virginia about Work Life Balance in the sports industry:

  • Your work life is going to be different than everyone else you know. Accept it, learn to deal with it.

  • Handle the Adrenaline peak

  • Careful not to get yourself into trouble with the late night rush.

  • Learn how to you get rid of all that late night energy

  • Consider a 24 hour gym membership to help you wind down

  • Accept you are different than everyone else in your life

  • You will miss concerts, trivia nights, 4th of july barbecues, but you'll also have benefits you need to take advantage of

  • Lean into the benefits, and bring the important people into them. Suite life.

  • Lunches become your fancy dinners.

  • You can tend to overcompensate…I work weird hours, so I’m the weird one and I have to make up for that with all the important people in my life. You need to make time for yourself too.

  • Meditation – carve out time for yourself.

  • Stop trying to be perfect for everyone and everything. Be authentic and be yourself. Be okay with time by yourself…you need that too.

  • Get away from the screen – no social media, no phone, if you are looking to recharge and find balance you have to unplug.


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