How Do You Learn Sports Specific Skills? Work in Sports Podcast e023

By Brian Clapp | November 29, 2017

Do You Want to Become a Professional Scout? An Agent? A Coach? A General Manager? How Do You Learn Those Sports Specific Skills?

Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President and Founder of Sports Management Worldwide joins us on the podcast to explain his unique approach to teaching thousands of students around the globe specific sports industry skills.

So let's get to the podcast and learn more!learn sports specific skills

Hi I’m Brian Clapp, Director of Content for Work in and this is the Work in Sports Podcast –

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while now you can probably start to appreciate that we view the sports industry as a little different than anything else out there – there are different dynamics to working in sports than there is in technology, education, manufacturing - sports are a different world.

Much of my advice can and will work for other industries, but there are certain things about sports that make them different. High-paid athletes, media coverage, late hours, holiday schedules, huge events, marketing, promotion, coaching, scouting, talent evaluation – the closest industry is for sure entertainment, but even that differs greatly.

So the question comes up often – where do you get a sports specific education?

I get that there are sports management degrees, we’ve talked about those pretty extensively and some programs are great if you want to get into the business operations side of sports – but what if you want to become a Scout? Or a Analyst? Or a General Manager? Or a Coach? Or an Agent?

Where do you get that sports specific education?

It’s been a while since I’ve been in college, but I don’t remember a Football Scouting course or I would have taken it for sure and I guarantee I would have shown up more than I did for my 8am contemporary Moral Problems course.

So back to the question – where do you go if you want a career in a very specific sports related role like scouting?

Well, you guessed it, there is a place.

Now before I let the cat out of the bag, and get on with our sports industry expert this week who is going to tell us more about their sports specific courses.

The place I am talking about is on the internet, it’s a virtual classroom that can be joined from anywhere in the world, which sounds very convenient. But I’ve always had my doubts how effective these environments would be.

It’s like having the option to work from home, how dedicated will you be? Will you be focused…or will you stop for a long lunch and Judge Judy.

So before I agreed to this expert interview I did a little research on my own – I wanted to see real success stories. I wanted to know that people who have taken these courses have gone on to sports industry success, because I’m not going to pitch you a service that doesn’t work.

I value you too much as my people.

And here’s what I found out.

10,000 alumni of these courses from 140 different countries… and thousands of them actively working in the sports industry with major organizations: Portland Trailblazers, Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Charlotte Hornets, Baltimore Orioles, LA Dodgers, New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, Oakland raiders, Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, Aston Villa, Portland Timbers  – the list keeps going.

After doing this bit of research I felt excited to talk to Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President and Founder of Sports Management Worldwide – the leader in online sports education.

Questions for Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, Sports Management Worldwide

1: I graduated college in the mid-90’s at a time when laptops were non-existent and email was a cool new thing no one really knew how to use. Fast forward just a few years and you had the foresight to launch an online school dedicated to teaching the business of sports. We’ll start with an easy one – How the heck did this happen?

2: At Sports Management Worldwide you have 25 different online courses, but what I find fascinating is that they are very specific and targeted, most education is generic and broad, but you laser in on a specific course like Basketball GM and Scouting, or Soccer Analytics, or Sports Sales – was this your way of providing something very different than anything else in the education marketplace?

3: So many college professors are researchers, who haven’t spent much time in a press box, a sales meeting or on the road scouting. But you’ve assembled a who’s who of active practitioners to teach your courses – how much better is it for the student to be taught how to be a Football GM by a guy like Mark Dominik who was an actual GM of the Buccaneers?

4: Give us a rundown of what the learning environment is like for a student – I’m always fearful of these one-way video’s some service providers sell where you just watch a video, not actually interact or engage… what is it like for the student at SMWW?

5: If I’m not mistaken, from what you are saying it sounds like your sports courses could be considered supplemental to anyone’s education, an add-on so to say, like if someone has a generic business degree but really wants to work in baseball, they can learn baseball specific skills through one of your courses.  But that’s just the way I see it – who do you see as your ideal student?

6: In addition to being an educator, you are also a licensed agent in the NFL, representing amongst others Dolphins QB Matt Moore, and you teach a class on athlete management – what are the biggest challenges for someone starting out wanting to be an agent?

7: We get a lot of questions for people who want to scout talent – you have sports specific scouting courses – how hard is it to break into this field?

8: Analytics are all the rage in sports – you and I actually worked together on an article a few years back for our blog talking about the growth of analytics – do you still see the future as being bright in this field?

9: At SMWW you also have multiple sports career conferences a year that are linked with some of the major events on the sports calendar – one at the NFL combine, Baseball Winter Meetings, MLS SuperDraft, NNBA Summer League… what makes these events worth attending for anyone interested in sports?

Lightning Round:

1: One of your pet projects is bringing Major League Baseball to Portland, Oregon. Handicap the race for us…what do you think the chances are of an expansion or relocation taking place?

2: What is the next big sport in the US? Is it Rugby? Cricket? Lacrosse? …or something else?

3: If I come to Portland, I’ve been told they have some good beer… where should I visit for a top notch local brew before I catch a Trailblazers game?

4: As a purveyor of online sports education, you’ve been connected to the internet for a long time… do you remember the first website you ever visited?

5: You have 25 online courses, graduate degree programs and sports career conferences throughout the year… it’s clear you are an innovator and forward thinker…so what’s next?


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