How To Avoid Being Mediocre in Your Job Search - Work in Sports Podcast e67

By Brian Clapp | March 30, 2018

There is nothing worse than being mediocre - not bad enough to be ignored, not good enough to get the job. Here are 14 ways people are mediocre in their job search and how you can combat this trap!

Hi everybody I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for and this is the Work in Sports podcast…

Before we get into this weeks QA topic we have a few shoutouts that need delivering. The members of our private facebook group had a pretty awesome week.

Lauren Romano accepted a Guest Relations Associate position with the Charlotte Knights Triple-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox – way to go in sports podcast with brian clapp

Walter Ambrose III accepted a Digital Marketing Internship with the Washintgon Spirit of the National Women’s Soccer League

And Zachary Gross accepted a Junior NBA Agent position with Worldwide Career Management –

And this was just this week!

If I haven’t made this clear yet, you should really join our private Facebook group, the group is all comprised of people looking to make their way in the industry, network and support one another – plus many of our podcast guests, folks like Mike Judge from the Cleveland Browns, Carl Manteau from the Milwaukee Bucks, Gina Miller from FC Dallas, Loretta Kerner from the San Antonio Spurs, Sports recruiter Dan Rossetti, Associate Athletic Director for Ohio State Shaun Richard…this group is awesome, Just search for the Work in Sports podcast on Facebook answer a few questions and you are in.

Please no matter who you are, share your success stories with us – email me at, and let me know what’s happening in your world! Let’s get to our Friday question…

This one is from Jane in Pittsburgh

“Hi Brian, I’m a big fan of your podcast I have learned so much about focusing on the areas I need to improve, finding my true passion and how to make myself stand out for the right reasons. All that said, I still feel pretty mediocre. I feel like I apply for jobs and sit someone in the middle…not bad enough to be ignored, but also not exemplary enough to get a job I want. Any thoughts on how I can break this mold?”

Wow. What a question.

First off Jane, mediocrity is a state of mind, so the first thing you need to do is build yourself up a bit. I’ll tell you this, you are an aware person, you are looking for ways to improve, you are analyzing and trying to improve your shortcomings… right there, you are proving you are not mediocre.

I have a pretty strong view of what mediocrity looks like – I’m going to explain what mediocre people do, and the counter point to what above average people do. I actually have 13 examples, so stick with me and take some notes.

Fix these things and you will be far from mediocre - listen into the podcast for more explanation on each topic:

1: Mediocre people lack hard skills

2: Mediocre people blend in

3: Mediocre people are out of touch

4: Mediocre people can be too current

5: Mediocre people think small

6: Mediocre people try to demonstrate how clever they are

7: Mediocre people use cliché’s

8: Mediocre people talk negatively to themselves

9: Mediocre people follow all the rules

10: Mediocre people think time is on their side

11: Mediocre people use the same strategy for each interview

12: Mediocre people talk too much

13: Mediocre people lack a mentor

14: Mediocre people say stupid things on social media

All these things will make you mediocre in your job search – if you hear these and think to yourself, damn this hits close to home, it’s time to evaluate your techniques.

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