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By Brian Clapp | January 17, 2018

How Do You Stand Out in the Sports Job Market? Dan Rossetti, President of Prodigy Sports Recruiting Agency Joins the Show to Discuss That and More.

Hi everybody – I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for and this is the Work in Sports podcast --- it’s expert Wednesday!

I love expert Wednesday. I hope you guys know how much work goes into putting out these podcasts – I contact an expert, ask for them to be involved, book the interview, research and develop questions, go through massive anxiety just before I dial the phone, conduct the interview, edit it for final production and launch it.standing out in the competitive sports market

It’s a massive undertaking but I love it.

What I find funny is every time I wonder, what if my questions stink? What if I only get 10 minutes out of them and run out of questions? What if I draw a blank and swallow my tongue?

But you know what always happens… we end up chatting for like 45 minutes to an hour. Its crazy. The time flies because these experts want to help and they want to share what they have learned over their years in the industry.

As you’ve probably noticed I’m trying to mix up the type of guests we get – sometimes it’s a senior executive, others it’s a VP in marketing or sales or PR or broadcasting.

This week we went in a completely new direction, bringing in sports industry recruiter and president of Prodigy Sports Dan Rossetti. Dan has been the matchmaker between major sports organizations and job seekers for almost two decades. He knows better than anyone what teams and sports organizations want, and better still, what positions are in need of more talented people.

So many people ask me, I love sports…what should I do?

Well, if I were you I’d listen to Dan and hear straight from him where there is a greater demand for jobs than there are people to fill them. Listening to this interview will give you a huge advantage over the rest of the job seekers out there.

Take the actionable advice Dan gives and put it to work starting today.

Here’s my interview with Dan Rossetti, President of Prodigy Sports:

Questions for Dan Rossetti, President of Prodigy Sports

1: You’ve worked in sports recruiting for a long time helping place staff inside many high-profile sports organizations – from Bellator MMA to the New York Jets. You’re on the front line so to say. In your experience what do you see as the primary skills or attributes that lead someone to a successful career in sports? Is there a pattern or theme?

2: I’ve interviewed many sports executives for this podcast and they all say when they hire staff they are drawn to soft skills like “work ethic” and “passion”. I don’t doubt they are, but it’s not like someone can put that on their resume and get noticed.

I know it varies from job to job, but aren’t skills and experience still the most important attributes a candidate can have to get noticed?

3: When you are searching for candidates that you feel comfortable putting your good name and reputation behind – what stands out to you, what are you looking for?

4: We have a private Facebook group for fans of this here podcast, and before I jump into an interview I ask that group – do you have any questions you’d like me to ask. Well, the best question that was submitted for you was from Kaylah Jackson a recent graduate of Northwestern’s Medill school of  journalism – she asks – It appears Prodigy focuses on mid to executive level management positions, how are you able to recognize when someone is ready to make the jump from a more entry level job, to a management type position?

4: When I worked as news director at Fox Sports Northwest, I had the hardest time finding qualified technical directors, so I’d tell people interested in working in sports broadcasting, learn how to be a technical director. What is the type of sports job you find has higher demand than talented people to fill it?

5: For entry level job seekers or people in college who will soon be seeking entry level jobs… what advice would you give them to make themselves the most desirable to sports teams and organizations once they graduate?

6: Many people think, “I want to be the next GM of the Red Sox and be in charge of running team” -- it’s great to have big goals, but where would you say are the majority of jobs in the sports industry?

7: When I first entered the sports industry in 1996 social media wasn’t a thing, analytics wasn’t a thing, esports wasn’t a thing – now these are huge growth sectors in the sports marketplace – in your estimation do all these sectors have staying power, or are they more of a passing fad?

8:  What do you see as being the next intersection of need, opportunity and innovation? The different sectors I mentioned before – social, analytics, esports - have dramatically shifted the sports world, what do you think is on the horizon as the next great growth sector in sports employment?

9: Tell us a little more about your process in recruiting, from when you get the placement order from an employer to final completion – how does it work for you?

10: I’m guessing you have a huge network of people you pull from when you have openings to fill – two-part question – do you have any tips for people to get stronger at networking? And how does somebody get on your radar?

Lightning Round 

1: It says on your bio you have a dream of owning a pub – describe it to us, does it have a theme, or just serve really good beer?

2: Staying on the beer subject, a personal favorite, you live in Ohio – any craft beer makers we should be checking out from your region?

3: The big four sports seem to be threatened by some fringe sports gaining steam in the US – do you think another sport like soccer, lacrosse, rugby, or maybe something like MMA will surpass any of the big four in the next decade?

4: What’s the part of your job you like the least?

5: It’s clear you love your job as President of Prodigy Sports, but with so many job openings that come across your desk do you ever see one and think, ‘that looks really cool’. If so, what was it you were drawn to?

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