The Best #SportsBiz Advice of the Year - Work In Sports Podcast e036

By Brian Clapp | January 10, 2018
We've Compiled all the Best #SportsBiz Advice from the Sports Industry Experts Interviewed During Our Podcast. Get Your Notepad Ready!

Since September we've had 17 sports industry experts on the show, sharing their knowledge, tips and advice with all of you and we have many more lined up for the coming year. best #sportsbiz advice of the year

But this felt like the perfect time to look back, and cherry pick the best snippets of advice since we launched in September. There are motivational stories in here, advice for what these executives look for when hiring, key tactics for networking and so much more.

If you are an avid listener of the podcast. this is still worth your time, you'll pick up on little nuances you may have missed before and can begin applying them to your everyday. If you are new, or have just listened to a few podcasts, this will be a great summary and introduction to our past experts.

I guarantee you're going to hear someone today and think - I need to go back and listen to that whole interview!

Most importantly, I want to thank our experts. I have asked 17 people to come on the show, and 17 people have said "Yes, when do you need me." That is inspiring. That means we are asking the right people who want to help you grow.

Every single expert has contacted me after the show to say, "that was fun, I'm so glad I can help the next generation of sports business people."

This community we are building here, like the sports industry itself, is special - we're building an open forum for people to discuss their fears, share their questions and interact with other like minded individuals.

I love what we are building - I hope you do to.

Thanks to:

  • Amber Cox, VP of the Connecticut Sun and New England BlackWolves

  • Chris Fritsching, Detroit Lions Director of Football Education

  • Jesse Cole, Owner Savannah Bananas Baseball Team

  • Colleen Scoles, Philadelphia Eagles Talent Acquisition Manager

  • Carl Manteau, Milwaukee Bucks Sr Director of Group Sales

  • Zach Hall, Arizona Diamondbacks Mascot & Author of "Don't Sleep on Planes"

  • Dr. Daniel Sweeney, Sports Management Professor Lindenwood University

  • Mark Crepeau, Basketball Hall of Fame VP of Marketing

  • Josh Rawitch, Arizona Diamondbacks Sr. VP of Content and Communication

  • Shaun Richard, Ohio State University Associate Athletic Director

  • Chris Wojcik, NHL Director of Player Relations and Event Communication

It's been a pleasure speaking to all of you.

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