The Problem with Internships and Dealing with Conflicting Offers - Work in Sports Podcast e59

By Brian Clapp | March 09, 2018

The massive problem with the way organizations run their internship programs and how you should handle conflicting job offers

Hi everybody I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for and this is the WorkinSports podcast…

It’s March, and for those of us sports people that can mean only one thing. Gambling disguised as college basketball fandom.Your Sports Career Questions Answered

Sure we want our teams to win, but more importantly we want to win that bracket so Suzy in accounting or Ron in IT knows who is boss. Am I right?

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Now on to our question of the Friday.

Today’s question comes from Emma – she didn’t start out by saying she loves the podcast, but at this point, it’s a given.

Here goes:

So my tactic of applying to as many jobs as possible is starting to backfire on me. I ended up accepting an internship because it was the only opportunity I had at the time and I start next week. It isn’t exactly what I want to do but it’s a start in the right direction. Meanwhile I just received an email from my “dream job” that they want to do another interview with me after having applied to it a month and half ago. How do I go about explaining to them I want the job but I have a 2 month commitment with someone else? Is there a chance they will understand? Both jobs are working in golf, except one is in communications and the other is in production.   

Emma you’d be surprised how often this happens...

Listen in to the podcast to hear how I handle this question on sports internships and a conflict of job offers!


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