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By Brian Clapp | November 14, 2017

The Scoop on Entry Level Sports Jobs - Monday QA Session

Happy Monday everyone – I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for and this is the WorkinSports podcast.Your Sports Career Questions Answered

We’re back for another QA session where I answer your fan questions and try to go really deep into a subject. The thing that makes this podcast great is that I can write a 1200 word article where I go really deep into an issue, but I know from my own life it can be hard to sit and read an article and really digest the info… but with a podcast, while you are driving, walking the dog, commuting on the subway or whatever time you have you can grab this info and put it into action for your life.

I’d say in the first few months of taping this podcast I’ve started to get a feel for who is listening based on the questions that have come in.

Most of the questions I’d say have come in from a 18-28 year old, either in college getting ready to enter the real world, or very early in their career looking for advice for turning the corner, or changing into sports from their original career thought.

For example, I’ve had many questions come in that are like…I graduated with an accounting degree, and started working at a financial firm, but I’m really bored and can’t imagine doing this for the rest of my life… how do I get into sports, because I love sports?

Or one of the other big questions I get a lot is – can you explain to me some options for entry level jobs in sports? Another great question, and that is why we are going to handle that subject today – entry level sports jobs.

To make it official – Garret from Dallas Ft Worth area – more specifically he says Mansfield for all you owners of a texas map, writes in ---

Hi Brian – for your next QA session I was wondering if you could go into some entry level job opportunities for people interested in sports without a real focus for what they want. I am a college sophomore studying business but I’d like to get into sports when I graduate…I’m just not exactly sure how or what?

Thanks Garrett – on to your question

Questions about entry level sports jobs are perfect for this podcast – gets right to the heart of information most of you need – that said, I want you middle and senior level people to send in questions too, we all have questions, send them in and I’ll dig into it.

First off, I'm going to give you my favorite tip to learn more about jobs –

1: Go to our site and type in the word coordinator in the keyword search. So many entry level jobs have the label coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Production Coordinator, Sales Coordinator, so when you do this you are going to have 344 entry level jobs come up in the results. That’s a good starting point for you to start reading through job descriptions and see what interests you.

Read, learn the job requirements, figure out if you have the skills or the interest for what they describe – and then aim for that target the rest of your collegiate career.

You could try the same technique with the broad term “assistant” and you’ll find another 650 entry level jobs -- production assistant, sales assistant, video production assistant, merchandising assistants – you name it.

But let’s run through a couple specific entry level jobs I think are really great starting points for a career in sports.

I briefly mentioned Production Assistant and I’ll lean here first because it is how I started and one of my favorite jobs in the sports media. – 17 production assistant jobs – regional sports networks, NFL, big ten, leagues etc.

Social Media Coordinator -- 537 we did a really deep dive into this career choice on our last podcast so I wont spend much time here other than to say, this is a good launching point if you want to work in sports marketing and communication.

Sales AssistantInside Sales – 2744 – sales jobs are the straw that stirs the drink in sports – you bring in revenue, and revenue is what lifts an organization up. Sales are about relationship building, research, creating action plans for your clients, delivering a pleasurable experience… so much more than just cold calling. In fact, sales has gone very digital and social – more and more people in sales are focused on platforms like linkedin and facebook to get their message out and start building a base of contacts.

Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Communication – lots of different types of marketing jobs - look to the apparel companies, adidas, Nike, But then remember event management side – teams, leagues, competition sports …any kind of product or event needs marketing and promotions.

Research Analyst – 699 but it’s going to take some work to find exactly what you want.

Want to work your way up in a college Athletic Department?  - Sports Information Coordinator, Assistant Communications Assistant

So that’s a start.

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