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What makes Work In Sports different from other job boards?

Many job boards are so full of junk that it takes hours of sifting and refining a search just to find anything remotely close to your interests. We fancy ourselves as more than just an unmanaged list of available jobs.

We take great pride in actively managing all of our postings, making sure they are of the utmost quality, currently available and properly categorized so it is easy to search and find exactly what you are looking for.

In addition to our best in class job board we offer many other free services, which we believe make us different:

Our blog is written by sports industry veterans, providing clear and actionable career advice that can help you differentiate yourself from the competition
● When you ask questions in the comment section of the blog – we answer. Frankly some of our answers run as long as the original blog post!
● Our customer service department is manned by actual people (based in our Phoenix, AZ office) who pick up the phone when you call and answer your emails when you fill out the online form
● Our LinkedIn group is free to join and has tens of thousands of active members all networking with one another. Unlike many groups it is also actively managed, we make sure the conversations stay on point and the group never gets spammed.
● We share free featured jobs daily through our Twitter feed as well as additional expert career advice
● You can post your resume for free which allows our network of thousands of sports employers to discover you without you even realizing it
● Our job alerts notify you quickly when an opportunity matching your skills and criteria gets posted on our site
People often ask us, why do you go into so much detail when you answer questions and comments on the blog? It’s simple, we love the sports industry and we feel like we have knowledge and experience worth sharing with you, our community.

We are successful every time you are successful, that is our shared goal

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When you subscribe to WorkInSports.com you connect with a staff of sports industry veterans working on your behalf. We understand the importance of finding your next job in the sports industry because we've all been there.

On a daily basis, our experienced staff probes our network of contacts, builds relationships with new employers and improves our technology to bring you sports jobs. We honestly believe that every job has a perfect match, and that perfect match could be you!
Instead of searching through massive catch-all job sites, more full of noise than opportunities that suit you, or bookmarking hundreds of employer career pages and visiting them daily - instead of doing all the tedious work yourself, we do it for you.

Our staff is hard at work finding sports jobs from every sports employer and putting it all in one place, so you don't have to.

We’re the best at what we do and we'll prove it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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