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Chief Operating Officer

Jet Set Sports

Location: Bedminster, NJ
Job Status: Full Time
Posted/Updated: 11/21/2017

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Job Description:

Since 1984, Jet Set Sports has provided its clients with unparalleled hospitality experiences at the Olympic Games. Jet Set Sports has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to deliver the highest quality Olympic hospitality experience rivaled by no other. Created and refined in the real time environment of the Olympic Games, Jet Set Sports’ hospitality programs are designed to cater to and exceed the expectations of a broad audience. From the individual Olympic Games enthusiast to the corporation with strategic business objectives within a global community, a scope of the Jet Set Sports customized program covers all the details from the first planning meeting to the Closing Ceremony celebration. The efficiency with which all programs are executed reflects the organizational excellence to which the leaders of the business world are accustomed.

Our official status enables us to provide our clients with access to prime event tickets and access to exclusive Sponsor Hospitality Centers available only to the Olympic family. Since 1996, Jet Set Sports has been a proud Sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Team and has recently extended our sponsorship agreement through 2020. Jet Set Sports has served as the Official Supplier of Hospitality Services for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, an Authorized Distributor of London 2012 Hospitality, the Official Hospitality Services Provider of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and the Official Hospitality Operator of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad. Additionally, Jet Set Sports has been an Official Sponsor of the XX Olympic Winter Games – Torino 2006, the Official Supporter of the Athens Organizing Committee for the 2004 Olympic Games, the Official Hospitality Package Sponsor of the 2002 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the Official VIP Corporate Hospitality Consultant to SOCOG for Sydney Olympics in 2000, and the Authorized Travel Consultant for the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games. Jet Set Sports is also the Official Sponsor/Partner and an exclusive Authorized Ticket Reseller to the National Olympic Committees of Australia, Bulgaria, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden and the United States. These partnerships represent a natural culmination of the impressive growth and accomplishment of the world’s leading provider of Olympic Games Hospitality.


The Executive Department is responsible for all aspects of the wellbeing and continued sustainable growth of the Company. This includes setting short- and long-term objectives of the Company, as well as evaluating, planning and implementing the methods to achieve those objectives. The Executive Department sets the standard for Company culture and conduct, and leads the specific teams to ensure Company success


The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for leading the diverse operational departments of the Company. This includes both their day to day functions as well as the planning, logistics and financial controls of their event delivery. The COO is expected to have excellent people and management skills, and to set a professional and positive tone for the Company internally and externally. The goal is to improve business functionality, communication and enable the Company’s growth.


-Oversee daily operations of the Company, all international offices, and the work of department heads (Client Services, Ticketing, F&B/Hospitality, Hotel Operations, Transportation/Logistics, CoSport, IT, HR, Staffing and Branding).
-Set operating budgets for all departments and maximize operational and cost efficiencies.
-Manage Company P&L and Balance Sheet to ensure profitability.
-Ensure all client contractual requirements are met, with a mind towards high quality services consistent with our brand and achieving desired profit margins.
-Be an inspiring leader encouraging maximum performance and dedication of employees.
-Be a role model of professionalism in conduct and quality of work.
-Establish and implement business plans and policies/procedures.
-Establish and meet goals for performance and growth.
-Evaluate and improve performance by analyzing numerous data points and analytics.
-Submit regular reports to Co-CEO’s on all matters of importance.
-Participate in evaluation of expansion activities.


-Proven experience as COO or comparable senior leadership role.
-Exceptional organizational and leadership abilities.
-Motivate and lead a high performance management team; attract, recruit and retain required members of the executive team not currently in place; provide mentoring as a cornerstone to the management career development program.
-Demonstrable competence in strategic planning.
-Strong decision making and problem-solving skills.
-Exemplary written and verbal communication skills, including public speaking.
-Understanding of vast business functions, including, but not limited to finance, HR, IT, etc.


-Working knowledge of data analysis and operational metrics.
-Working knowledge of IT and business infrastructure.
-Experience working in the hospitality industry, Olympic Games and/or FIFA World Cup a plus.
-MBA or Master’s degree in Sports Administration or equivalent.


-Proven leadership ability.
-Ability to set and manage priorities effectively.
-Project management expertise.
-Excellent interpersonal skills.
-Strong negotiating skills and Results driven with the ability to deliver closure on projects.
-Ability to present ideas in business-friendly and user-friendly language.
-Exceptionally self-motivated and directed.
-Keen attention to detail.
-Exceptional service orientation.
-Ability to motivate in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.


Qualified candidates should apply online at prodigysports.net/job-board. No phone calls please.

For any additional questions, please email info@prodigysports.net


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