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Below is a small sample of testimonials that we have received. Please note that some of the individuals below may no longer be with the same organization that they were at the time these testimonials were submitted.

I absolutely love your service, you have aided me in my job search for quite some time. Your site is my primary source to learn what is going on in the industry and a path to find my dream job! I will definitely recommend a subscription to all my friends. Thank you so much and I look forward to continuing to use your site!

Alexes Johnson

Student, University of Iowa

Workinsports.com was a huge help to me! The site pointed me in the right direction and helped motivate me to do more research into jobs in the sports field. After I got an internship I didn't use the site for 2 months. I thought I had canceled but once I realized I hadn't, I called their customer service. They not only took the charges off for the two months, they made it clear they were willing and able to help me whenever I need it. THAT IS GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I will be using this site again once my job search continues after my internship! Thank you Work in Sports!

Rebecca Bryan

Student, George Mason University

I would recommend Work In Sports to any employer in the sports industry that is looking to fill positions within their company.  The Work in Sports site is easy to use and gives us access to some of the best candidates in sports.  We will continue to use this site as we rapidly expand.

Kara Geiman Scott
Director of Internal Operations

Work in Sports is an ideal place to reach candidates who are qualified and passionate about working in any sports related field. The folks at Work in Sports are always helpful and accommodating in placing ads and stay on top of things once the ad is placed. A definite go to when posting for our sports station 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia

Toni Pirrone
Executive Assistant
Greater Media Philadelphia

Work In Sports has helped us find many qualified candidates. We have had excellent service and would recommend WorkinSports.com not only to employers, but to job seekers as well!

Megan Ulrich
Fan Cloth

I have used Work In Sports in both my personal career searches and to post jobs looking for quality employee candidates for our club. I have always found their service to be easy to use, informative, and effective.  I have told several other teams and individual job seekers about them, and have recommended that they use Work In Sports for their job search needs as well.

Eric Newendorp
General Manager
Rayo OKC

We are a sports technology company and wanted to hire a customer service team member who had a strong desire to work in sports who had demonstrated customer service skills. We chose workinsports.com as one of our key job posting locations. The team over there were really helpful in getting us set up and getting our name out so that we could find the right candidate."

Ciaran Byrne
Director of Operations

Work in Sports has provided a simple and easy to use platform to reach qualified candidates who share our Program's passion for baseball and have an interest to further their work experience in team administration. The management and operations of a Collegiate Summer Baseball Program requires unique staffing needs and through this job board we have access to the unique individuals who will help fill those positions. As the Arroyo Seco Baseball Club continues to grow and expand, Work in Sports will be the go-to service for our personnel needs. 

Nicholas Gorman
Operations Manager
Arroyo Seco Baseball Club

Work in Sports has been a great asset to our organization by providing us candidates with completely relevant work experience. I would highly recommend them to any employer that is in need of candidates with direct sports experience. Thank you Work in Sports!

Arin Finger
Area Developer

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