A Plan to Build Real, Lasting Connections – Work in Sports Podcast e157

Everyone needs a follow up plan to build relationships. Lucky you, we’re sharing ours.

Hi everybody, I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for WorkinSports.com and this is the Work in Sports podcast.

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Let’s get to today’s question…

This question comes from Alisha in Texas – Alisha contacted me through LinkedIn, which is a great way to send in your questions. Or you can join our private facebook group by searching the Work in Sports podcast on facebook, answering a few easy questions to prove you are human, and the joining in the conversation. You can post questions there for sure!

We also have a podcast@workinsports.com email inbox…but I lost the password, so wait a minute on that one.

If you have your questions answered on the show… boom you get a free month at WorkinSports.com – which is an awesome site, but I’ve already made that case.

Hi Brian – this is Alisha from Texas and I love your podcast! I’m going to try out your Facebook Live sessions on Thursday night as well – thanks for all you do.

Alisha thanks for the reminder – for all of you listening, every Thursday at 7:30pm EST we go LIVE from the Work in Sports facebook page – I discuss a topic on the sports industry, like networking or internships or interviewing… and then opening it up to LIVE audience questions. Lots of fun, come join me.

Back to Alisha’s question –

I am an extrovert – I am very good at meeting people, and frankly am fearless talking to anyone. But, I am not good at the next steps of following up and building on the relationship. Can you help me create a plan that makes all my efforts to meet people more effective?

I am a checklist guy – I use my calendar to schedule out activities, build myself lists, and execute on a consistent, but humanized plan. No communication is automated or formulaic, but the system I create to remind myself to take action is automated.

Does that make sense? Because it’s a core principle – every time you speak to someone it has to sound like you and represent you. It can’t be cut and paste, it can’t be a formula you follow. It has to be your voice.

BUT, creating an automated system to remind you to do the steps is 100% ok and I recommend it.  

So here it is, your easily executable networking follow up plan that will help you build and maintain relationships with the people you meet in the sports industry!

Within 24 hours of meeting someone you have 3 things you have to do.

 Listen in to the episode for all the specific tips and tricks!

A Plan to Build Real, Lasting Connections - Work in Sports Podcast e157
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A Plan to Build Real, Lasting Connections - Work in Sports Podcast e157
It's one thing to meet people, and quite another to build a lasting connection and relationship. Here's a plan to do the latter.
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