Becoming a Sports Equipment Manager

how to become an equipment manager

One of the thrills of working in sports is not just being close to the action, but being close to the athletes as well.

Daniel Deming, Assistant Sports Equipment Manager for D.C. United, spends his days working closely with the athletes we watch perform on the field, and has learned that they share common ground.

“Working with athletes is great,” says Deming. “The players recognize a lot of the hard work that you do and really appreciate the effort that the staff puts in to try and put the team in a position to succeed as best we can.

“It’s also great because I’m very close in age to a lot of our players and have made some good friendships with a many of the guys.  At the end of the day, these guys are people just like you and I, the only difference is that they are far better at sports than we are.”

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Your last point is well taken Daniel, these guys are much better at sports than about 99% of us. For more details on what it takes to work with a pro team as a sports equipment manager here’s Daniel Deming:

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Deming: For sports equipment manager jobs, your day-to-day responsibilities before practice include:

  • Setting up practice gear in the player’s lockers each day
  • Pumping up balls
  • Setting up drills on fields
  • Assisting coaches with any needs each morning before practice

After practice, the players head into the locker room and change out of their practice gear…

  • Which we then wash and set out for practice the next day
  • We also print all jerseys at our stadium
  • Order all Adidas gear for each season
  • Pack anywhere from 25-35 bags of equipment for each road trip (depending on weather).

Lastly, we keep the player lounge well stocked with bagels, bananas, cereal, etc. so the players can have a little breakfast or snack before practice each day.

Tip to future sports equipment managers be EXCELLENT at multitasking.

What are the most important skills for someone that would want to work in sports equipment management?

Deming: Most importantly you need to be excellent at multitasking because you really don’t know what each day is going to bring.  You also need to be hard working, efficient, a quick learner and able to work long hours.

Being personable sure helps, and able to mesh with a lot of different guys from different backgrounds from all over the world, especially in sports like soccer and baseball.

While at getting your undergrad degree at Clemson University in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management you interned with D.C United in the Equipment Management department – how did you get this internship and what were the most important skills you learned?

Deming: I got this internship through one of the internship placement programs at Clemson University.  Throughout my Internship at DC United, I learned that hard work and the willingness to help in many different areas was crucial to having success and ultimately, it helped me land a full-time job at DC United.

What really helped me get hired full-time was that I kept in touch with the Equipment Manager who was my boss when I was an intern and is also my boss today as well.

I also kept in touch with the person who was the Assistant Equipment Manager when I was an intern, as well as a few people from the team administration and team operations departments.

You also worked for the Clemson athletic department in more of a marketing/promotions role – how important was it for you to gain various experiences while in college?

Deming: It was extremely important because it taught me a lot about the nature of the business of sports.  Working in sports is by far the most fun job out there but it isn’t easy by any means.

dc united sports equipment manager jobs

“At the end of the day, these guys are people just like you and I, the only difference is that they are far better at sports than we are,” D.C. United Assistant Equipment Manager Daniel Deming

A vast majority of the time the work that my coworkers and I do is hard work that requires putting in a lot of hours.  However, seeing the games go on and really being up close to all of the action makes all of that hard work completely worth it.  

After graduating, and taking on a few other jobs in sports, you eventually made it back to D.C. United as an Assistant Equipment Manager – how did interning there help you get hired?

Deming: Like many professional sports organizations/colleges, DC United hires many former interns into full-time positions on a frequent basis.

My internship experience helped me because I was able to work hard and let my actions speak louder than my words would have had I just interviewed for the position without ever interning at DC United.  I also was familiar with the people who were interviewing for the position and had good working relationships with them, something that certainly cannot hurt your chances.  

You have experience in sports marketing and promotions, is that the direction you want your career to head or do you think you’ve found an interesting career working for a pro team?

Deming: I love being behind the scenes in Equipment Management.

It’s a great job and you really get a lot of great experiences to go with it as well.  I’d definitely like to explore this side of the business more, whether it be continuing to grow in MLS/US Soccer, in baseball as a Clubhouse Manager or in the NBA as an Equipment Manager, you just never know what kind of opportunities may arise.

The possibilities are endless and as I gain more valuable experience with DC United, I’m excited to see where my career takes me.

Becoming a Sports Equipment Manager
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    • Demontre – Congratulations on overcoming your struggle with drugs and alcohol, it takes a big person to win that battle. Keep pushing to fulfill your dreams! – Brian

  2. hello, im 19 yrs old, i graduated high school, im currently working a retail job to get myself into school, and I would like to know, where do i start to get a career in sports equipment managment. What kind of school should i go to, what kind of degree should i go after? Please respond if possible.

  3. Peirre Stansel says

    I’ve been around sports since I canbreathe… I’ll be brief I’m from Gordo Alabama I went to Gordo High overcame some rough upbringing but stuck with my promise to graduate high school. I promised my mom that I would before she past away in 2004. I finally graduated in 2009 @ age 20. I was a good athlete who fought for a starting spot on my varsity football team.. I earned my spot in the 10th grade (Which was my Last year of eligibility because I was 18) but I tore my MCL before the first game of the year against our BIGGEST RIVAL! If there is a way in which you can help I’d be greatly appreciative!… I just want to be back around something that I love. Thanks in Advance
    Peirre Stansel

  4. Hemant Khurana says


    I am from India and would like to pursue my career in Sports Equipment Handling. Please guide me how I can take up the career of Sports Equipment Handling?


    Hemant Khurana

    • Thanks for reading Hermant – The article you just read should give you some background… as for jobs in sports equipment check our site for thousands of career options! Brian

  5. ashley mendoza says

    i need help my coach wants me to do an essay on why i should be a good manager and im afraid that im going to mess up can you help me?

    • Don’t be afraid – be honest, explain your skills and wy they mesh well with what they need — you’ll do great! Remember, being organized and seeing an fixing problems before they happen is really important. – Brian

  6. Pastor Aguilera says

    Where can i intern to be able to become a sports equipment manager?

  7. Beth Webb says

    What is the best way to find internships in the sports field ? My son will need to complete one during Fall Semester 2016 to complete his undergrad degree in Sports Management.

    • Right here Beth! We have over 500 sports internships listed on our site – just click on the search jobs tab above (or the search jobs ad on the right sidebar) and enter internship instead of full-time. Let me know if I can help! Brian

  8. What are the down sides to this job?

  9. John Masterson says

    I am almost 50 years old spent 15 years coaching little league. But have no other sports experience. So what are the chances of finding a job at my age.

  10. Hemant khurana says


    I am from India and I want to work in sports or related jobs. I really interested in the profile of sports equipment handling and would like to start my career in this particular field. Kindly guide me in this regard how I can manage to become “sports equipment handler professional”.


  11. Keep up the great work and wonderful content it is appreciated and enjoyed! There will always be those who are negative and discouraging but don’t let that drown out the voices of those that appreciate your efforts and look forward to seeing you grow.

  12. Mason Cross says

    What is the educational requirements?

  13. Hey I’m Torez Williams… currently a 11th grader & as of a football player & manager for other sports at my school, I have found this career very interesting. I started being a manager because I wanted to gain experience early in my life to make me get a full-time career job but as of now, I really need to know what degree should I have & what major should I consider pursuing to become an sports equipment manager. Also (working for the NFL is my dream)

    • Hey Torez – good question regarding what degree you should pursue — I’m going to reach out to a friend of ours who is in this field and see what he has to say…I’ll comment back on here when I get the info! – Brian


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