Developing Coaches With Leadership in Mind

Coaching starts with leadership

Being a sports coach takes more than a knowledge of game planning

If you want to pursue a career in sports coaching, you should know a few things about this lucrative and rewarding industry.

Being a sports coach is not just a job.

Coaching gives you the unique opportunity to lead and influence other people while guiding them to achieve their goals.

Below are some of the unique qualities that you need to succeed as both a coach and a leader.

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Teaching and Communications Skills

As a coach, you are a teacher, so you need excellent communications skills to put your ideas across to the athletes you are coaching. You should not only teach the fundamentals of the sport, but also the fundamentals of life.

Organizational Ability

Being a coach means you are a manager. In this case, you are managing people, so you need excellent organizational skills and administrative ability. These qualities will help you plan your strategy and achieve your goals.

Sport Skills and Tactics

Sports skills and tactics are vital to success for coaches. It helps if you played the game you are coaching because this will help you empathize with the athletes you are training. It also helps if you can come up with great tactics and strategies to achieve your objectives. In cases where things are not working out on the playing field or indoor venue, you need to think on your feet and re-strategize.

The Ability to Evaluate

Evaluation skills are vital to coaching success. After each coaching session, you should evaluate player abilities and strategy effectiveness. This way, you can tell where you are doing well and where you have to work harder.

Leadership Role for Sports Coaches

Being a coach means being a leader on and off the pitch. For this reason, you should be a role model to the athletes you are training. Develop your own philosophy, and work in accordance with your ethics. Work hard, set a good example to your athletes and do not condone laxity or unethical behavior.

To learn more about how to be an effective coach and leader, check out this educational resource, created by Ohio University’s Online Master in Coaching Education program:

Ohio University Online

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  1. Great read Brian,

    As a trainer turned executive coach in the professional relating life strategy, and professional leadership to sports has been a great field of anaogy. As well as, a great source for inspiration for my motivation talks to companies, and sports teams.

    Leadership as a coach has been the talk this month as I work with the military and discuss their leadership playbook. I’d love to talk more about this let’s connect soon. I’m on LinkedIn.


    Tyce Ruff

  2. Travis Rice says

    How can you lead someone that don’t want to be lead have you ever lead a church that is leadership try it for once it hard to do just as well just like a basketball or football or a baseball team you have to guide them to see a vision that God has given you

  3. It’s not just enough for a coach to have knowledge in sports he or she’s coaching. One important factor also is leadership and it’s good that you explained the reasons well here in your sports. If a coach has a leadership skill, it will be easy for her or him to make the team follows everything she/he says to them.


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