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I’m a Recruiter. How do I share applications with the Hiring Manager?

Recruiters can easily share applications with the Hiring Manager and receive feedback right through iHire’s platform. This saves time, reduces email volume, improves collaboration, and allows users to keep their list of candidates organized.

To use this feature:

  • An Organizational Admin must first ensure the Hiring Manager is a “Team Member” on their employer account.
  • To begin collaborating with a Hiring Manager during the applicant screening process, the recruiter must designate a Team Member as the Hiring Manager for a specific job posting:
    • Navigate to your open jobs, click the “Job Title” for the appropriate posting, and select “Job Application” under the “Edit Posting” tab.
    • Select the Hiring Manager from a list of Team Members.
    • If no Hiring Manager has been set, the candidate’s application will include a “Select Hiring Manager” link that will redirect to the “Edit Posting > Job Application” page.
  • As candidates apply for a job, the Recruiter may send applications to the designated Hiring Manager for review by selecting “Send Application to Hiring Manager for Approval” beneath the Hiring Manager’s name under the “Application” tab on the candidate’s profile. The Recruiter may also leave a comment for the Hiring Manager during this step.
  • The Hiring Manager receives an email and a dashboard notification on their account with a link to view new applications. They can also view applications by selecting “Hiring Manager” on their account’s navigation menu. From there, they can approve or decline candidates, provide additional comments in their response to the Recruiter, and see candidates from both open and closed jobs.  
  • The Recruiter receives an email notification when the Hiring Manager provides feedback. The Recruiter can also view the feedback within the candidate management tool, track which candidates have been approved, declined, or awaiting approval from the Hiring Manager, and obtain a historical view of actions taken.

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