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What Job Seekers Want in 2021 [Infographic]

It’s the million-dollar question amidst today’s unique hiring environment and employment landscape: What do job seekers want?

We set out to find the answer by surveying 5,835 U.S. job seekers about their online job search preferences and habits one year into the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work options, timely feedback on applications, and insights into employer brands were just a few items on candidates’ wish lists.

If you’re an employer struggling to fill positions (or a job seeker interested in the thoughts of your peers), check out the infographic below to discover our top seven survey findings on what job candidates want in 2021.

To access our full survey results, download iHire’s Special Job Seeker Report: What Candidates Want: https://go.ihire.com/9f5d.


what job seekers want infographic from iHire

by: Kristina Kelly
June 01, 2021