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10 Best Cities For Young Professionals Seeking Work-Life Balance [INFOGRAPHIC]

College is a time full of new adventures for students. They learn new ideas, meet a variety of people, and have a little fun in the process. As their final year comes and goes, many new grads have trouble maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Even with the extra money that comes after they find a job, the struggle for a healthy work-life balance still remains.


Recent data from Redfin, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Zillow displays the best cities for young professionals looking to improve their work-life balance. With statistics such as average rent, walkability score, and unemployment, we’ve been able to compile a list of the top ten cities for young professionals who desire a better work-life balance.


The Midwest has its share of five of the top ten cities, including the top two cities in Des Moines, IA and Madison, WI. Great salaries, an expanding night scene, low unemployment rates, and affordable rent are just a few of the key features of these Midwestern cities. While cities like Chicago and New York may offer higher salaries, the cost of living in the Midwest negates the lost salary in return for a more affordable way of life. This gives young professionals more money to spend on fun activities and enough left over to contribute to retirement accounts.


Not a fan of the Midwest? Both Bay area cities, San Francisco and Oakland, made the list. Both cities are very pedestrian-friendly and have numerous outdoor activities that can keep anybody busy. Public transportation is a more common form of transportation here than in the Midwest, which leads to further savings.


In the infographic below from Investment Zen, we display a few of the highlights of each city. Whether you’re enjoying a new museum, exploring the outdoors, or paying off your student loans with the extra money, any of these cities will be a great fit for a young professional.


10 Best Cities For Young Professionals Seeking Work-Life Balance


By Megan Wells, Guest Author | November 22, 2017
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