pokemon go takes skills just like your job search

7 Reasons Why Your Job Search is Basically Pokémon Go

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve been doing some covert ops pretending to not be playing Pokémon Go while walking down the street.

What are you talking about? It’s totally normal to flick your phone screen while experiencing a wide range of emotions!

Despite its mindless nature, there are indeed some life lessons to be learned from this cultural phenomenon. For example, you can apply the mad skills you’ve learned from catching Pokémon to your job search:

1. Be alert at all times and stay aware of your surroundings. Knowledge and awareness are key. When applying for jobs, know exactly who it is you’re talking to. Ask yourself questions like, “Am I sending my application to a hiring manager or my potential supervisor?” and let that dictate how you address your letter. When interviewing for jobs, take note of social cues and body language – both yours and the interviewer’s. Also, don’t get hit by a bus crossing the street while heading to your interview or walk into the supply closet on your way out.

2. Go to the gym. Exercising helps you sleep, gives you more energy, and makes you feel better about yourself. Stay on an endorphin high and ride out that confidence all the way through to the end of your interview.

3. Don’t follow the footprints. Sometimes, the perfect job is off the beaten path. Try changing up your search criteria every once in a while just to see what’s out there. For example: interested in a dental career but only have administrative experience? Check out which dental offices near you are hiring front desk receptionists.

4. Customize your look. Pay attention to your interview outfit and dress for success. Liven up solid black attire with a colorful statement piece that flatters you and shows a bit of personality.

5. Throw a curveball (sometimes it helps). During the interview process, your future employer probably hears the same run-of-the-mill questions from every applicant. Not that asking questions is bad – just the opposite actually – but why not put in a bit of extra effort to make yourself stand out? Without being too invasive, try thinking up some questions to ask your interviewer that are specific to their role in the company or see if a unique skill you possess can help the business.

6. Don’t let the escaped ones get you down. Searching for and landing a great job is a challenge, and you’re going to hear a lot of “no’s” before you hear a “yes.” When a “no” comes at you, shelf that experience and move on to the next.

7. Gotta catch ‘em all. Take every obstacle you face in your job search and turn it into a learning opportunity! Even if you’re on the fence about a certain company, take the interview. You never know what will come out of it.

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by: Erin Schwartz, iHire
August 29, 2016

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