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Find Your Most Marketable Skills with this iHire Feature

Are your skills in demand?

Looking for work and finding success in your job search often hinges on one thing: marketable skills. However, it may sometimes seem that the skills in demand for one job aren’t nearly as important for another – even if the duties are similar or the positions are in the same industry.

If you’ve struggled with researching and identifying top job skills in your field, iHire has created a feature that can help. Our Qualifications/Skill Sets widget displays in-demand job skills related to your search and highlights the trending work skills that are at the top of most employers’ lists.


Where can I find this feature?

As you’re browsing jobs on any of iHire’s 56 industry-focused communities, click on a particular job title and look on the right side of the search results page:


Screenshot of iHire's trending work skills widget


Under the Qualifications/Skill Sets banner you’ll see a list of skills in blue and red. In the example above, all of the skills listed are related to the Director of Sales job title, which is why you see “advertising sales,” “consultative sales,” “key account management,” and other similar areas of expertise. The skills listed in red are the most desirable, while skills listed in blue are less marketable and can cross more than one industry (also known as transferable skills).


How can I leverage these trending skills?

The first thing to do is to make sure you have as many of these top job skills in your resume as possible. The more marketable skills you can highlight in your career history, the better positioned you will be for the types of positions you’re seeking.

However, we didn’t create this feature with only resume writing in mind. By clicking on any of the trending work skills in the list, you will be sent into our search experience, where you can find all of the jobs available that reference that particular ability or area of expertise. For instance, clicking on “pipeline maintenance” in the example above delivers these results:


Screenshot of job search using iHire's trending work skills widget


Once you’ve identified the in-demand skills for your industry, incorporated those terms into your resume (don’t forget to use iScore!), and found specific openings that reference those competencies, the only thing left to do is apply. Using iHire’s trending work skills tool won’t guarantee that you’ll get the job, but it makes it so much easier to pinpoint and leverage the top job skills most employers are looking for.

by: Freddie Rohner, iHire
August 15, 2018

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