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How to Find the Perfect Job with iHire’s Comprehensive Search Filters

iHire provides our users with a fully personalized job search experience. We understand that all job seekers are chasing something different. So it only makes sense that we have an extensive set of job search filters to cover all bases and meet job seekers’ exact needs. Let’s say you want to find an accounting job in Houston at a Fortune 500 company that will also help you relocate to the area. Or you’re interested in a veterinary internship position specifically at a non-profit organization. With iHire’s search filters, you can cut through the clutter and find the jobs that precisely meet your search criteria.

Job Search Filters ColumnIt’s easy to customize your job search and find perfect opportunities. On the search page, you’ll see a column on the left that contains all of the filters available to you. If you click on one, you can then choose very specific criteria to apply to your job search. Feel free to choose multiple filters during the same search to refine your results. Here’s a quick summary of the filters available on the job search page:


Added Date: Here you can choose to specifically search for jobs added in the last 7, 14, 21, or 30 days.

Career Title: If you’re laser-focused and know exactly which job titles you want to target, you can select them here.

Experience Level: Whether you’re an experienced veteran or just entering the field, iHire makes it easy to refine your search to find the right jobs.

Job Source: This search filter is available to Premium members and allows job seekers to filter results based on where we found the job listings.

Company: Have you always admired a specific company? Or do you want to get an idea of which organizations have the most available positions in your area? Target individual companies here.

Employment Type: Refine by full-time, part-time, contract, temporary/seasonal, or internship jobs.

City: Search within specific areas in your region.

Skills: If you specialize in particular skills within the industry, specify them here.

Other: Don’t disregard this broad title. We’ve saved the best for last! “Other” contains some truly amazing filters you can utilize during your job search. Here you can specifically target:

  • Top Fortune 500 or S&P 500 Firms
  • Government or military jobs
  • Jobs that enable you to work from home
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Companies that will help you relocate
  • Companies that will pay for education
  • Jobs that require specific licenses or certifications
  • Jobs that require a security clearance
  • Consultant Jobs


Note that only filters that are applicable to your search results will show up in the “Other” search filter list.  

Save This Search Button

By utilizing multiple filters, you can save valuable time during your job search. You can also save your search criteria by clicking on the “Save This Search” button at the top of the filter list. This enables you to save valuable time during your next visit to the site and we can even periodically email you updated job results based on your saved search criteria. Whether you know precisely what type of job you’re seeking or you’re just passively looking around to see what positions are available, iHire’s extensive job search filters will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

by: William Davis, iHire
October 18, 2017

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