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The Case for Industry-Specific Job Boards

Searching for work online can be an overwhelming experience, especially for first-time job seekers or those who haven’t looked for a job in a long time. So many of the top job sites claim to have “every job available” that it can be difficult to know which to choose. While many job search engines have a lot of postings, they often don’t have the right opportunities, forcing job seekers to spend valuable time sifting through jobs that don’t match what they’re looking for. On the flip side, many of the top job sites send employers large amounts of unqualified candidates, which creates more work for hiring managers.

This is where using a niche job board beats any of the top job search websites. Industry-specific job boards offer a more focused experience, allowing candidates to narrow their job search to their chosen field and enabling employers to target a more highly qualified and motivated segment of professionals.


More Opportunity to Stand out from the Crowd

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Obviously, it’s every job seeker’s goal to separate themselves from the competition, but this principle also applies to employers. As a user of one of the top job sites, you’re one of millions. On industry-specific job boards, you’re a bigger fish in a smaller pond. That means it’s far more likely that you’ll find your dream job or attract the right type of talent to add to your team.


Jobs & Talent You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

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While top job search websites would like you to believe they have “every job available,” the truth is they don’t. In fact, many of the top job sites actually tend to have the same jobs because they’re finding opportunities from many of the same sources. Industry-specific job boards, on the other hand, work directly with employers, which gives them exclusive access to openings that won’t be advertised elsewhere. Job seekers get to see job postings others are missing, while employers are able to tap into a talent pool that is more likely to match what they’re looking for.


Smaller Companies Prefer Industry-Specific Job Boards

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Smaller companies don’t have unlimited recruiting budgets or large HR teams to read through hundreds of resumes for a single opening. That’s why they love job search engines that filter out a large number of applicants for them. Employers who use a niche job board to advertise an open position rather than one of the top job sites receive far fewer applications, but they get more qualified applicants. Job seekers on industry-specific job boards benefit from this as well. They can apply with more confidence knowing that they have a much better chance of their resume getting in front of a human being rather than falling into a “black hole.”


Industry-Specific Job Boards Provide Instant Credibility

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Whether you’re looking for work or posting a job opening, taking the time to set up an account on an industry-specific job board means you’re serious about your field. It also shows that you’ve done your research and you understand where the top talent goes to find opportunities; in short, you’re an industry insider.

When a job seeker applies for a position via a niche job board, it shows that they keep up on industry trends. For businesses who strive to be employers of choice, advertising on industry-specific job boards helps attract thought leaders and innovators who are committed to improving their field, not just looking for a paycheck.

By Freddie Rohner, iHire | April 14, 2017
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