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Searching for Jobs on iHire: Update Your Skills to Get Better Matches

At iHire, we’re all about connecting job seekers with opportunities that align with their industry, skills, experience, and career goals. We believe that by consistently providing relevant job matches, we can help you find your dream career and get hired faster.

Our technology is constantly working behind the scenes to make searching for jobs on iHire simple, easy, and effective. We analyze your preferences as well as the jobs you save, apply to, and discard to continually deliver better recommendations.

Creating a job skills list is a great first step to ensure we recommend the right jobs for you.

Here are two easy ways to accomplish this with our job search tools:

When you first register with one of iHire’s community sites, you’ll be taken through a brief onboarding process to tell us about your search, upload your resume, and choose career titles that match the roles you’re looking for. On the fourth step, you’ll have the opportunity to select the skills and credentials you want to use in your next job:


screenshot of ihire onboarding process, step 4


A list of suggested skills – using our proprietary database of industry-specific data – will be prepopulated based on your field to help you get started. As you make selections, our recommendations will automatically refresh to help you build a solid job skills list.


screenshot of skills refreshing on ihire onboarding process step 4

screenshot of fresh skills recommendations on ihire onboarding process, step 4


After you finish the initial onboarding process, you can also edit your list of skills/credentials on the Job Preferences page at any time. We will continue to refresh our recommendations here as you add more skills to your profile.


screenshot of ihire job preferences page, skills section refreshing

screenshot of ihire job preferences page, skills section with new list of suggestions


The more skills you select, the better job matches you will receive on your iHire dashboard and in job alert emails. It only takes a few clicks to ensure you don’t miss out on your dream opportunity. Furthermore, the industry-specific skills we suggest can help you develop a strong skills section for your resume (if you don’t already have one).


Create an iHire account today – or update your job preferences if you’re already an iHire member using our job search tools – to see how a comprehensive and customized job skills list helps us find your next great opportunity!

by: Natalie Winzer, iHire
March 13, 2019

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