Working the Sidelines: How to Make Athletics into a Career

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There are an abundance of sports careers available to former athletes and enthusiasts

Former competitive athletes and general sports enthusiasts can turn their passion for sports into a fulfilling career – heck, that’s why exists!

Many of the top career options in the athletics field are known to pay excellent salaries and come with job security.

Here are a few of the top careers in the athletics field:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are able to work with injured athletes who require rehabilitative care to get back in the game.

These professionals are able to devise personalized care plans that involve exercises, stretches and other forms of therapy that are meant to benefit patients. After fulfilling the education requirements, joining an organization such as the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) can provide further credibility.

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Sports Agent

Negotiating endorsement deals, handling public relations matters and providing career guidance to athletes are just a few of the responsibilities of the sports agent. These professionals can either choose to work for a large company or become self-employed.

It is often beneficial to have a background in contract law before pursuing this career field, but it is not to prepare for your sports job search ebook

Personal Training

Athletes need to stay in shape in order to reach peak performance, and personal trainers can help them stay motivated.

A personal trainer is able to put together workout plans that help develop the right muscle groups and increase stamina. Workouts may include a combination of weight training, cardio exercises, and stretches to promote greater flexibility.

These professionals should know how to challenge their athletes in a way that is both safe and effective.


Becoming a coach provides the opportunity to mentor athletes and shape their development as they work their way to top performance. Coaches should have in-depth knowledge of their chosen sports so that they can teach the proper techniques and strategies to their athletes.

Earning an athletic administration degree from an accredited school or completing similar training can help coaches move to the athletic administration side if they so desire.

Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition consultants play a valuable role in each athlete’s development. Professionals in this industry can help athletes plan meals that include the right amount of nutritious foods. If an athlete needs to lose weight or build muscle mass, a nutrition consultant can recommend the right foods that can help achieve the best results.

There are many careers in the athletics field that allow professionals to help athletes from the sidelines. With the proper amount of training and knowledge, just about anyone can pursue one of these career paths.


  1. Wow, I love the range of opportunities in the sports field.
    I’ll send my résumé asap but I don’t see the ability to send on this page.
    Experience includes:
    4 Years as a communications/satellite adviser and worked closely with Jimmy Johnson, Larry Lacewell, and I did many things for our scouting dept. Not to mention that I forged a friendship w/Jimmy and all the people at Valley Ranch. Luckily for them and definitely me…I came on during the offseason of which we went on to Super Bowl. I have flown with the team, knew and forged acquaintances and made some new friends with staff and players…as well as our local media. It was nice that players, especially Troy, call me to help when or if there was a problem. I I was on the plane that Skip Bayless(sp…it’s been a while since I thought about this guy.) He wrote a half truth book but that’ was then.
    But to stay on track, I have coached in many fields for our youth before/and even during rough times.
    I also became a Mountain Biker. Couldn’t stand looking at an empty wall(Dr. office and literally had nothing to stimulate my senses) . Not even a TV on it…lol.
    This was during PT on my back. So I got a Mountain Bike and have done virtually everything a person can do on a bike. I raced the entire Texas and surround states…basically the entire South region. I did very good. I also got to know bicycle terms, products, nutritional ways to get carbs in before a race and then protein immediately after race. You don’t protein up the night before an event like racing MTB’s, so many races and rides have high carb breakfasts for the competitors. Both of my sons also played Football and youngest, was named to “All District Team”. That happened to be the hardest district in the country. This was a big honor. My oldest is doing Nuclear medicine in the Witchita Falls main hospital. Plus I’m now gonna be a grandpa!! Yea!!
    I have plenty of logistics experience of all kinds of shipping/receiving , fulfilling sales orders and so much more.
    I like to build thongs, oversee a job, GC when needed.

  2. I didn’t get to finish but I apologize for the auto correct from my phone.
    My last statement was supposed to say:,
    “I like to build things…not thongs!! Lol
    I’m sorry I wish I had proofread it better though.

    Thank you,

    • I thought the fact you like to build thongs was pretty awesome actually! Bryce you should check out the available jobs on our website and submit your resume to jobs you think you are a match for. We don’t actively recruit, we find the jobs and put them in one spot, helping to make your process more efficient! Best of luck and thanks for reading – Brian