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Years Experience
1 - 3 years
$64,000 - $66,000 Annual
Job Description

Enriching our community one life at a time

Region Ten is where people go for help with mental health, substance use and/or developmental disabilities. Our goal is to provide services designed to help them achieve their individual goals and recovery. We’re currently looking for the perfect candidate to administer and supervise the Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) Team at Region Ten!

In this role, you will be responsible for planning, staffing and coordinating services for the assertive community treatment team. This position provides direct client services and recruits, interviews, services, trains and orients new team members. Supervision responsibilities of the team include assurance that provision of assessment, organization of treatment plans and maintenance of complete and current clinical records and service provider data comply with state licensing and funding requirements.



1. *Is responsible for team staff and program compliance with rules and regulations for the licensure of PACT services as all relevant licensure applies, DMH/MR/SAS Client Service Management Guidelines, Applicable Statutes of Virginia relating to the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, all Region Ten policies and procedures as found in the policy and procedure manual and as found in the individual team policy manual, SPO Medicaid regulations, and program standards for Assertive Community Treatment in accord with agency contract with DMH.

2. *Direct the day- to- day clinical and rehabilitation services operations of the PACT team; supervises the Intensive Services Team Services. For PACT, duties include scheduling staff work hours to assure appropriate coverage for day, evening, weekend, and holiday shifts and on-call hours; lead the daily organizational staff meetings and treatment planning meetings; continuously evaluate the status of clients and do appropriate planning and coordination of treatment activities to ensure immediate attention to their changing needs.

3. *Direct and coordinate the client admission process and treatment, rehabilitation, and support services of the program in coordination with the psychiatrist. Schedule the admission interview; develop and coordinate the initial assessment and initial treatment plan; assign the most appropriate staff to the individual treatment team (ITT); and provide clinical supervision of the development of the comprehensive assessment and the treatment plan for each client.

4. *Direct and coordinate, for each client, the comprehensive assessment of psychiatric history (e.g., onset, course and effect of illness, past treatment and responses, and risk behaviors), mental status, and diagnosis; physical health and dental health; use of drugs or alcohol; education and employment; social development and functioning; activities of daily living (e.g., self-care, living situation, nutrition, money management); and family structure and relationships.

5. *Conduct staff recruitment, interviewing, hiring, work assignments, and orientation and performance supervision according to work rules, regulations, and policies and collective bargaining agreements; develop and implement staff orientation and training; and manage student training.

6. Set up and maintain appropriate PACT headquarters with suitable furniture, office equipment, and telephone lines, directly or by delegation.

7. *Develop and administer the PACT program budget including line items to purchase necessary furniture, equipment, communications devices (e.g., telephones, cellular phones, beepers), and supplies and to cover travel and transportation (e.g., purchase or lease program cars, or cover mileage and insurance for use of personal staff vehicles or both).

8. *Supervise medical records management assuring maintenance of the medical record in compliance with agency policies, Medicaid, and other third-party payment requirements; train staff on medical record requirements; regularly review client assessments, treatment plans, and progress notes written by the staff; and supervise individual staff for medical record mastery.

9. Carry out and document quality-assurance activities and reviews of use of program services.

10. *Develop and maintain program policies and procedures and revise as necessary.

11. *Initiate and maintain relationships, in coordination with other staff, with law-enforcement and other human-services agencies, and with informal community resources (e.g., landlords, employers). 

12. *Conduct clinical assessments and provide direct clinical treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to clients.

13. *Perform on-call duty for crisis intervention and for staff supervision and consultation.

14. Teach various ongoing trainings which are required for their staff.

15 Provide a conduit for agency information to be communicated to all staff that is supervised.

16. *Perform CPR and First Aid when required.

17. Attend all training updates on the electronic health record. Serve as the conduit of information and ensure education and updating of all of your staff on the electronic health record, data accuracy, and quality documentation.

Knowledge of: an advanced level of psychodynamics and family and group dynamics. Knowledge of the principles of psychiatric rehabilitation and medications used and their side effects. Ability to address family issues with regard to the mentally ill. Knowledge related to the principles and techniques of intervening, and case management techniques. Ability to employ administrative theory, communication theory and substance abuse symptomatology. Use of records systems and knowledge of licensure regulations, as well as Region Ten policies and procedures

The ideal candidate is skilled in: translating knowledge of pyschodynamics to a wide range of people with various cognitive abilities. Translating knowledge of pyschodynamics to a wide range of people with various cognitive abilities. Effective case management skills and knowledge, as well as medication delivery, administration, documentation. Observation of clinical and health related areas with the ability to conduct meetings and therapy sessions. Use of computers and keyboarding. Consultation and problem solving.

And have the ability to: be creative and flexible and to handle large amounts of stress. The ability to communicate effectively while showing patience and encouraging other to grow. Demonstrate a high regard for the person, no matter what his/her situation in life and set firm limits when necessary while encouraging cooperation of staff members. Help families through painful periods of stress and problem solve.  

QUALIFICATIONS: To ensure the safe and efficient operation of the program, a valid Virginia Driver’s License plus an acceptable driving record as issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles are required. For business use of a personal car, a certificate of valid personal automobile insurance must be provided. A master’s degree in a human service field and at least two years in clinical management supervision experience in services to persons with severe and persistent mental illnesses, and LPC or LCSW are required. In addition, the incumbent needs to possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

Job ID: 298144761

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