7 Causes of Job Search Depression and How to Prevent it

job search depressionSuccess is all about mindset, and so is failure.

When you're searching for the perfect job to further your career, it's easy to become a sore loser and to feel frustrated, because the game hasn't played out as planned.

In failure, you often learn the key ingredient to success and one of the crucial elements is your mental edge, your ability to keep going against all odds. When you're not getting the job results you want it's easy to slump into a low, but it doesn't have to be this way.

With the right mental edge, you can once again experience the sweet taste of success.

You may be the star player on the field, but when it comes to searching for your next job, especially if you've lost yours, there are multiple reasons that a professional within the sports industry could experience job search depression.

Knowing the causes of the depression and the solutions, allows you to remain positive, and to get back on track

Loss of Control

Having a prosperous career in sports is rewarding, as it gives you a feeling of control. A steady income, a sense of identity and a routine will do that for you! You're able to take positive daily action that makes you feel like you're contributing to the success of the team.

If you suddenly find yourself unemployed the sense of control dissolves and fear, worry and anxiety sets in. Maintaining a positive routine at this stage gives you a sense of purpose and routine.

Consider developing new habits, like waking early and exercising to start your day right and put yourself back in control.

Lack of Replies from Potential Employers

The most common way to engage with a potential employer is to send them your résumé. Alas, due to the high number of people competing for the same position as you, it's highly likely that you're going to get beaten to the post and someone else will be offered the job.

Unfortunately, due to the time constraints many companies face, they don't always respond to your efforts. This can cause you to feel inadequate, even though that's not the truth.

Firstly, keep up the exercise because as a sports professional you know it's good for a positive mindset and if you need motivation, apps like Endomondo can help.

Secondly, conduct a self-audit to determine if the reason you are lacking responses is because of something you are doing wrong.  it could be something as simple as a spelling mistake in your CV which a simple proof reader such as Do my assignment or Paper Fellows could fix.

Additionally, Write my essay is a great editing tool to get your résumé and cover letter looking sharp.

Trust me, when you edit your own work you often miss things, having another set of eyes - or a computer algorithm - looking over your work can really help.


Along with the lack of response, a negative reply is brutally depressing. You're consistently trying, but finding yourself constantly rejected.

Face it, it's unlikely you're going to secure the first job you get a response to. In fact, you're probably going to apply to many different companies within the sports arena, as a job search is often a numbers game.

Keeping a journal such as the one provided by Penzu helps to keep you organized and if you need a good editing tool, 750Words or Paper writing service have got you covered. You can evaluate your approach to your job applications and manage the effectiveness.

By doing this, you can build a strategy that will bring you success.

Paying the Billshow to prepare for your sports job search ebook

Being in a position whereby you can't pay the bills is devastating and debilitating.

If you start to feel depressed because you're worried about keeping a roof over your head or being able to put food on your children's plate, you need to act.

Persevere and remember, you only fail when you give up. If you're getting desperate, seek professional help.

Envious of Family and Friends

It's astonishingly easy to become envious of your family and friends when you're struggling for work.

When money is tight it's difficult to accept the people you know have spare money to spend, it can feel like they're spending it carelessly without any consideration for you.

This mindset is damaging and can lead to you feeling low and depressed.

It's worth remembering you probably didn't even notice what they were spending their money on when you had a job. If you find the envy is building up, it would help to find a support group to help you manage your emotions.


It feels embarrassing when you lose your job especially when you work in sports, it is almost as if you have lost some of your identity.

Equally, it feels embarrassing when you struggle to find a new one.

In a situation such as unemployment, embarrassment can cause you to become antisocial as you want to hide away, rather than face the shame of yet again telling your ex-colleagues or your personal friends that you still haven't found work.

The best way to deal with this is to reach out to people – it's good to talk.

Just talking about your feelings will help and you never know you might strike up a conversation with someone who knows your next employer.

Difficulty Handling Emotions

It's fair to say, you're having a tough time and the emotions you're feeling are difficult to handle. Often the best solution is to take your mind off your troubles by participating in productive distractions.

Volunteering allows you to channel your energy into something positive and is great opportunity to help with your job search.

Volunteer Match is a brilliant platform to get you in touch with a cause you feel passionate about and it will look fantastic on your résumé, especially if you volunteer within the sports industry.

Job search depression can be devastating and can have a negative impact on your ability to secure a new job. By recognizing the signs and consistently taking action you'll be training yourself to perform at you maximum meaning you have every chance of securing your dream job and once again, becoming a star player on the team.
By Gloria Kopp | June 19, 2017
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