A Fashion Perspective on Your Sports Job Interview

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We've got lots of ideas on how you should dress for a sports job interview
Dressing to impress comes at a price, and since it’s your first interview for that coveted sports job, you can’t compromise on looking your best even if you’re on a tight budget! Don’t break out into a sweat just yet; looking well-groomed is absolutely possible without spending a lot of money.

If you’re ready to know how, read on for some budget grooming tips to help you earn brownie points at your first sports job interview.

Know What to Wear

If you are wondering what you should wear on your sports job interview, it's actually quite simple.

Don’t go out on a shopping spree before doing a little research first. Chances are, you’ll pick something wrong or something you won’t need at all!

For example, if you’re applying for a junior position, you don't need to wear a suit to the interview. Similarly, buying a new pair of jeans will be a waste if the employees dress in business casuals.

Here are some tips to help you decide the type of outfit for your first interview:

  • Decide your outfit depending on the job description and designation you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a junior position, uin most instances you will skip the suit. If the job you are applying for is a sales or marketing position, where you will be client facing, a suit is the right choice.

  • Do take your geographic location and weather conditions into consideration; if it’s going to be hot or humid, avoid wearing lots of layers and thick fabrics.

  • Take a look at the company’s website and you’re sure to get an idea of the work culture- if they seem friendly, you can go for business casuals.

  • If you’re not sure, call the HR representative that you’ve been in touch with and clarify.

Sort Out Your Outfit

Once you know what style of dressing is acceptable, work on getting your outfit sorted out. Don’t head out to go shopping right away, dive into your closet first and see what you can use!

Put your outfit together with these tips:

  • For a formal work setting, men can wear a two- or three-piece suit in neutral colors like black, navy, or gray. Women can wear tailored trousers or skirts.

  • Dress shirts or blouses should be lighter in color than trousers or skirts. Whites, light shades of blue, gray, and brown will work in your favor.

  • Women should refrain from wearing skirts that are too short- ideally, skirts should end an inch above the knee. Heels should be of a sensible height; avoid peep-toes for formal settings.

  • Avoid bold patterns and bright colors. Adding a pop of color in the form of a scarf, a tie, or a pocket square is okay.

  • Wear fabrics that won’t get crumpled easily.

how to prepare for your sports job search ebookEven if you can wear casuals to the interview, refrain from turning up in jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt. Wearing casuals to a sports job interview isn't as casual as you may think, and it definitely doesn’t mean you go sloppily dressed! You always want to be one level higher than the people walking around the office. If the office is a jeans and button up shirt environment, you want to be in khaki's and a nice shirt. If it's khaki's and a nice shirt kind of place, you want to be in a blazer and nice pants.

Of course that's for guys, but you get the drift.

Most importantly, make sure that your clothes fit you well and aren’t torn or showing signs of wear.

Shop Wisely

If you need to buy clothes for your interview, be wise about it to save money. Here’s how:

  • Check out store websites to see if you get special discounts.

  • Make use of any coupons that you have. Do compare prices on different websites before buying.

  • If you have the time to wait for end-of-season discounts, wait.

  • Check out the clearance section of department stores.

  • Head to consignment stores in affluent localities- you’re sure to find quality clothes that have barely been worn by the previous owner.

  • You don’t always have to buy the big brands- you’ll find plenty of good options at retail chains. Just remember to buy quality clothes by checking the fabric, seams, zips, and buttons.

Groom Yourself

Wearing the right clothes isn’t all you need to make a positive impression, you also need to look well-groomed. Start with taking care of your skin right away- eat healthy foods and drink ample water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Doing so will help flush out toxins from your body and keep your skin clear. What’s more, eating right also keeps you healthy!

Use a good face wash to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, and a light moisturizer to keep it hydrated. Quality cosmetic products can be expensive, but if you avail online freebies, you’ll be able to cut down costs considerably!

Get a haircut a week before your interview. Women with short hair can get a haircut a couple of weeks in advance; if you have long hair, ensure you don’t have any split ends. Avoid trying out new hairstyles or hair colors before your interview; you don’t want to keep worrying if the style suits you or fidget with keeping the hairdo in place during the interview!

Men can go for a clean-shaven look or sport facial hair. However, stick to the clean-shaven look if you have scanty facial hair. If you’re sporting facial hair, don’t forget to trim it.

Final Thought

Now that you’ve read these budget tips, you needn’t worry about breaking the bank to get ready for your first sports job interview. Use these tips to your advantage and you’re sure to make a great first impression at the interview!
By Brian Clapp | April 22, 2016
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