Advanced Advice for Sports Job Interviews - Facebook LIVE replay!

Every Thursday at 7:30pm EST Brian Clapp, Director of Content for and host of the Work in Sports podcast, presents a LIVE session on our Work in Sports Facebook page.

Since many people can't make the live event, we'll publish the replay right here on our blog every Friday.

During this episode, Brian shares high level advice on how to nail your next sports job interview. There is no superficial, obvious advice here - we go deep, really deep!

After that, fan questions about anything sports career related. Layers and layers of great career advice - check out the replay, and tune in LIVE on Thursdays!

Topics Covered in this Live Session:

  • How to conduct research into the company you are interviewing with
  • The importance of researching yourself
  • Framing Your Mind for Successful Thinking
  • Making the Right First Impression
  • Plan for the Project
  • Mastering Your Follow Up Questions


By Brian Clapp | January 04, 2019
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