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become a basketball scout

NetScouts Basketball is the largest basketball scouting service in the world. We scout international men and women youth players for our International Scouting Service which we market to colleges in the USA.

We also scout NCAA Division 1 schools for professional teams overseas.

In order to give something back to the profession we have been offering a basketball scout training program for the past four years in partnership with Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW). Now we have expanded it into a Basketball Scout Certification Program. The program encompasses live scouting, primarily at Division 1 games, and video scouting with a course on offensive and defensive analytics. The program lasts for one year.

One of our program graduates, John Cavaliere, was recently promoted to Associate Head Coach of the men's basketball team at Concordia (NY).

As Cavaliere said recently, "NetScouts Basketball gave me an opportunity to experience working in a high-level basketball setting and helped inspire me by watching some of basketball's best coaches.  This allowed me to continue to pursue a future in basketball and helped me land a Division 2 assistant coach position."

A recent graduate, Ronnie Levi, just headed to Israel to work as a scout for Bnei Herzliya in the top league there.

As Ronnie noted, "Working and learning under Carl at NetScouts Basketball was an important experience for my growth as a basketball talent evaluator. While working for NetScouts helped shape the way I see the game, it also gave me a platform for exposure."

While breaking into the basketball scouting profession is a process, this program is an excellent step along the way. Join our other successful graduates and get in on the action!

Our availability in the program is limited somewhat by geographic area. Sign up for this season today! You can get additional information and register directly from this link or call us at 541.359.9653.  The basketball season starts soon. Be part of it!

carl berman netscoutsAuthor Carl Berman (right) is a Managing Partner with NetScouts, and has over 30 years of business, financial and operational management experience as well as significant experience in the basketball industry. 

Carl is one of the top experts on International Basketball in the country and has been a featured columnist for over a decade on International Basketball for Basketball Times.

He coordinates all the international NBA draft profiles for Turner Broadcasting on and is a member of the U.S. Basketball Writers Association (USBWA). Prior to starting NetScouts, Carl was the General Manager as well as Interim Head Coach and Assistant Coach for the Eugene Chargers of the International Basketball League.
By Carl Berman | September 15, 2017
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