Best of Michelle Andres

Best of the WIS Podcast: Michelle Andres

By iHire | December 22, 2021

We are down to single-digit days left in 2021, and to close out this year, the WorkInSports Podcast is looking back at its top expert guests of the show over the past 12 months. We started this lookback with former Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment CEO Scott O’Neil, who touched on the value of being your authentic self in everything you do.

Today’s flashback features the Baltimore Ravens’ Michelle Andres, who serves as the Senior Vice President of Ravens’ Media. Andres’ journey to overseeing the Ravens’ digital content is not the typical story of going to college, majoring in sports management, working several internships, and landing a gig with a pro sports franchise. Instead, she earned a bachelor’s and then a master’s degree in political science with a position with the Orlando Magic as their Assistant Director of Interactive Marketing.Andres began overseeing digital content after joining the Ravens as their Director of New Media in 2006 and has kept the franchise current with their sports social media strategy ever since.

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WorkInSports VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp and Andres offered sports career advice on topics such as:

•    Highlighting defined skills on a job application instead of exclaiming, “I’m a huge sports fan!”
•    Understanding the strides the sports industry has made for women in sports.
•    Building a relationship with the fanbase.

Catch the full episode of the WorkInSports Podcast for more sports career advice from the Baltimore Ravens’ Michelle Andres. Also, be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!


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