Breaking the Ice in the Front Office w/Arizona Coyotes’ Xavier Gutierrez

by: Chad Twaro
July 27, 2022

WorkInSports VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp rubbed elbows with a mix of sports business professionals at the 2022 Hashtag Sports Conference in Las Vegas in July. With professional hockey flourishing in the desert, one of the executives Clapp got a chance to talk with was Xavier Gutierrez, Arizona Coyotes’ President and CEO.

Front office jobs in professional sports are highly coveted, and Gutierrez made history by joining the Coyotes in 2020 as the first Latino President and CEO in the history of the National Hockey League. He oversees the franchise’s business operations, strategic planning, significant organizational decision-making, and government relations. In over 20 years as a business executive, he’s managed more than $24 billion in institutional capital. He joins Clapp on the WorkInSports Podcast to discuss:

•    What led Gutierrez from a successful career in the financial world into professional sports
•    How he built skills that translated across industries
•    The importance of culture and diversity within the sports industry

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