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Building Community Through Sports w/Camille Buxeda

by: Chad Twaro
March 16, 2022

Sports social media is a popular area of interest for people looking to work in the sports industry. Some of the most viewed content on any platform is? sports highlights and digestible sound bites from star athletes. Major professional and college leagues and teams, along with the media outlets that cover them, have massive followings, which creates a feedback loop of content flooding newsfeeds.

Standing out is difficult with so much content available to consume on social media. Today’s guest on the WorkInSports Podcast is WSLAM Director Camille Buxeda. Her work creating and growing the women’s hoops vertical within the already established bi-monthly SLAM magazine earned her recognition as a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient.

What sets Buxeda apart from her peers in the sports social media space is how she intersects the interest in women’s sports with music, fashion, culture, and social justice. Despite the WSLAM vertical only existing for three years, the results on their platforms are staggering:

•    Instagram: 192K followers
•    Twitter: 49.8K followers
•    TikTok: 25.2K followers
•    Facebook: 2.8K followers

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Buxeda's career success started by aggressively seeking different internships (a strategy we often promote on the WorkInSports Podcast). As an undergraduate at Florida State, she interned four times with four organizations (Prospect Wire Baseball,, Overtime – The Game Never Ends, and Florida State University). Her roles included social media, promotions, and game operations.

While pursuing a master’s degree, she worked in community relations and social media with different organizations before working on social media and digital projects with the WNBA. In today’s episode, Buxeda discusses the following with VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp:

•    How she pitched starting the WSLAM vertical within SLAM’s brand
•    How she found her voice to excel in sports social media and digital content
•    What the landscape looks like for growing women’s sports
•    What advice she has for people looking to grow in the sports industry

Listen to the full episode to hear Camille Buxeda’s incredible journey, and subscribe to the WorkInSports Podcast for more sports career advice. You can also find additional content on our YouTube channel.

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