Carl Manteau: Selling in the Sports Industry - Work in Sports E138

Milwaukee Bucks senior group sales director Carl Manteau joins the podcast to talk the real nuts and bolts of the sports sales side of the industry. 

Hi everybody I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for and this is the Work in Sports podcast…

We’re going to take a trip down memory lane today and bring back one of my favorite episodes that the vast majority of you have probably never heard.The Work in Sports Podcast

Last September after a few years of haggling, we launched this podcast. I spent a couple of weeks getting prepped, learning the tech, getting our workflow down… and then it was time to start getting guests.

I knew I needed a strong guest out of the gate, but I also knew with a new show, and my name not being Bill Simmons, it may be a struggle to convince someone to come on. I have hundreds of friends in the sports media and was tempted to go to one of my high profile buddies…but that felt like I was chickening out and taking the easy way…plus I was afraid I’d be too casual in the interview and it would sound like an inside joke or a buddy talk, and I didn’t want that.

So I reached out to someone I knew a little, Carl Manteau Senior Group Sales Director for the Milwaukee Bucks. I had never met Carl, but I had interviewed him once for a written article on sales careers and knew that he had a desire to help others.

He felt like the perfect start…and he said yes.

Now here’s the deal… we’re a brand new podcast, we have no audience, we have no promotional budget, we just have a good attitude and are ready to provide actionable career advice. I’ve spent 20 years in the sports industry so I’m qualified, and I’m going to get guests who can really add to the conversation… BUT, very few people listened to that first episode.

Most of you didn’t even know we existed.

To put it in perspective, we get more downloads in one day now than we have all time for that episode.

Now, I want to set some expectations here. Carl is awesome. Me…not so much. It was my first episode, I was a little nervous on the tech and my questions. So just ignore my parts and listen to how great of information Carl was serving up.

Here he is, one of the best guys in the sports industry and someone you should definitely connect with on LinkedIn – Carl Manteau, senior group sales director for the Milwaukee Bucks!

Listen in to the podcast episode to learn more about sports sales careers!

By Brian Clapp | December 05, 2018
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