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Dior Ginyard, NFLPA Senior Player Manager joins the Work in Sports podcast! 

Hi everybody, I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for WorkinSports.com and this is the Work in Sports podcast.

Imagine for a second you had complete clarity in your life at let’s say 12 years old.

You knew what you wanted, you wanted to be a veterinarian. You studied, took classes, interned – worked and worked and worked to refine your craft.

It became a big part of you, it defined you.dior ginyard nflpa player manager

While in high school your friends knew you wanted to be a veterinarian, your teachers knew and helped push you further into your goals.

Guidance counselors helped steer you toward the best veterinary schools and you were accepted – because you were focused, dedicated, knew what you wanted and were driven to succeed.

You could see how your future was going to play out.

But then in a blink things changed. You were in a car accident and lost the use of your right hand, your dominant hand.

You wouldn’t be able to perform surgical procedures, examine animals, diagnose issues. It was gone. Your dream of being a veterinarian – poof - all gone.

What would you do? Everything you had pushed for, the dominant focus of your life was now physically unachievable.

Would you wallow? Get depressed? Question your future?

Probably all of those things – I know I would. Recalibrating would be hard. You’d be forced to change in an instant, after spending nearly a decade working toward something that felt like your purpose.

How unfair – right? Easy to blame, get angry, lose focus and fall into a trap. Very easy.

This week’s guest Dior Ginyard didn’t want to be a veterinarian, he had a very different dream and it was taken from him tragically.

He had to change his focus, figure out a new purpose and drive forward with the same intensity he had reserved for his now unattainable dream.

Now years later, Dior Ginyard is a Player Manager for the NFLPA and a 2018 Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 award recipient. He took tragedy and turned it into a new, unexpected chapter… but let’s hear the rest from the man himself – here’s Dior Ginyard Player Manager for the NFLPA –


By Brian Clapp | March 06, 2019
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