Hard Work Isn’t Enough

By iHire | January 04, 2022

Happy 2022, everyone! We closed 2021 by revisiting some of the best sports career advice of the year, but a new year means new episodes of the WorkInSports Podcast. VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp dives right into this question from Tasha in California:

"First, I want to say how much I look up to you and truly love your podcast. You have brought so much value into my, and I am sure many, young lives. I have recently started my job as an assistant in the basketball department at AA. A topic thrown around a lot is that of ‘hard work.’ How do you define hard work? Is it consistency? Talent? Time spent? This question has been on my mind a lot recently, and I'd love to hear your thoughts."

Employers want to hire hard workers but sometimes struggle to define what that means. Unfortunately, the internet doesn't help matters, as it contains an abundance of sometimes contradicting work ethic quotes on motivational posters:

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What is Work Ethic?

Work ethic manifests itself in different ways, and it goes well beyond whatever work ethic quotes Google spits out when you surf the web. Individuals have their unique way of defining it, and it changes over time.

Early in Clapp's career, his definition of hard work tended to be along the predictable physical lines:

  • Working late.
  • Taking on more projects than others.
  • Running to different workstations.

As Clapp's career progressed, he realized working hard wasn't enough, and his definition became more nuanced.

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