How Soft Skills Help You In The Sports Field

sports leadership and soft skills
Leadership is a soft skill that you need to survive in the sports industry - do you have what it takes?
In today's competitive sports landscape you need more than charisma and a straight arrow ethical compass to get hired - you need tangible skills. The most often question delivered from hiring managers to interview subjects is, "What can you do to make us better?"

The answer is not, 'I'm a laugh riot in the break room, people love my Louis CK impersonation!'

However in addition to the hard skills, like being able to edit using Final Cut Pro, operate a camera or develop an effective marketing strategy, an employee also needs to exhibit superior soft skills in the sports industry.

Some of the soft skills can be learned, some of them are native, but all of them are important. Here's a deep look into the skills that you won't find in a textbook, but need your love and attention.

Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills

A candidate born with a gift of the gab is an ideal choice for sports companies.

In the sports industry the ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds is essential. In professional and college sports a vital part of your daily routine will include talking and listening to athletes, agents, coaches, and, of course the media.

Anyone working in sports management, public relations, sales or marketing should be confident while addressing a crowd or people to prepare for your sports job search ebook

Strong Leadership Skills

Individuals who are planning to work in sports management should irrefutably be good leaders, and these leaders are expected to possess a certain set of soft skills to perform well in their position.

If you are looking for a job in sports, ensure you develop and nurture your leadership qualities.

Leadership Starts With:

Team First Attitude

Professionals in sports need to constantly display an ability to work as a team on the field, but this skill isn't limited to the arena, field or diamond, teamwork is an essential skill behind the scenes as well.

Marketing, promotions, broadcasting - all require teamwork to accomplish daily tasks. In sports broadcasting a producer relies on editors, graphic designers, audio operators, technical directors, camera operators, reporters, anchors and more to put a show on the air.

An ability to work as a team is an essential part of sports operations.

Effective decision-making

One of the most essential traits of being a leader is to be able to make decisions, big and small. And, of course, this particular leadership trait is applicable to all managerial jobs in the sports industry.

Sports is a billion dollar plus industry, decisions need to be made daily that affect results both on the field and in the boardroom. An ability to make smart choices, with authority and proper research is a powerful tool in the industry.

Strong ethical values

Temptation is high in the sports industry, as inside information can sometimes lead to gambling issues (Hello Pete Rose!). Even outside of the play on the field, many jobs in sports require late nights, weekends and holiday work - the games don't stop just because you want to have Christmas dinner with your family.

When people work late hours, or get stressed during holiday seasons, they often turn to damaging additions. More so than other industries, those in the sports biz need to be mindful of the unique pressures and what that can do to your health, morals and ethics.


To sustain in the sports field when your bosses are all super achievers in their respective fields can be overwhelming for some; however, don’t feel intimidated. You don’t always have to prove yourself to the world. Take it easy. You are in the sports business because you know this field and are insanely in love with it.

Have the confidence in yourself, don’t always feel the need to prove yourself to others around you.

A Quick Wrap!

If you are planning to apply for a job in sports, you will be sorry if you don’t take note of these soft skills. The good news is, soft skills can be learnt and developed. There are plenty of online soft skill training courses available to aid you in developing these quintessential skills, thereby providing an excellent framework for your career development in the field of sports.

Soft-skills are essential for being effective in the field of sports. Period.

Author Bio:

I’m Kendal Smith, a content writer and blogger at heart. I’ve been studying the leadership trends and the skills required in the corporate world closely.
By Kendal Smith | September 07, 2016
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