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How to Analyze Job Descriptions to Tailor Your Resume

by: Chad Twaro
February 28, 2022

Every job posting is unique, so every application you submit should be as well. Of course, looking through the job description is the best way to determine what information is the most important to highlight on your resume, but how do you utilize that info? That question is on Jake’s mind as he seeks sports career advice from the WorkInSports Podcast:

“Hey Brian – you’ve talked a lot about leveraging the information in a job description and that it is the key to the application process and being noticed. I’ve heard you say this a couple of times now, but can you explain what you mean? I look at job descriptions, and they all start to look the same after a while. So how do I leverage this information?”

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If you are also not sure how to modify your materials using the job description, we can show you how to customize your resume and cover letter before you hit submit. Job descriptions usually start with the title and boilerplate information about the company before getting into the specifics of the role. Those sections are where you will find important information for your application, such as:

•    Job summary: What you will be doing
•    Job responsibilities: What areas you will be responsible for
•    Required qualifications: The skills you need to have  a shot at getting hired
•    Preferred qualifications: Extra skills that can help you stand out from other candidates

Focusing on the role itself gives you a baseline for how to customize your resume to the job description. First, it allows you to decide if you meet the qualifications before spending valuable time applying. Second, it will enable you to efficiently scroll through job descriptions and find the skills this company values most when choosing who to hire. Finally, knowing that information and tailoring your resume to fit the job description will improve your chances of getting an interview and getting hired.

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