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How to Get Through the Applicant Tracking System

by: Chad Twaro
July 11, 2022

Sports are all about competition, so it tracks that sports jobs are just as competitive. A professional sports team can expect hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants for each position it posts. While these franchises are well-staffed, their time is as limited as any other organization. To find the right hire while sifting through high volumes of resumes, teams utilize automated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to efficiently go through the pile and move the top candidates’ materials to the hiring manager.

WorkInSports Podcast host Brian Clapp extolls the virtues of having multiple versions of a resume and diversifying your experience with a strong internship strategy, but how do you ensure a human set of eyes is reading your resume? In this episode of the podcast, Clapp explains how to get through the applicant tracking system by:

  1. Matching your skills and experiences on your resume to the keywords in a job description
  2. Formatting your resume in a way that doesn’t get discarded by the ATS


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