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Nervous About a Job Interview? Here's How to Overcome It

By iHire | November 29, 2021

One of the draws of working in the sports industry is witnessing amazing athletes excelling in high-pressure situations. From hitting a game-winning kick at the end of the Super Bowl, to sinking a pair of free throws with a championship on the line, to getting the final out in the World Series, there are countless opportunities when an athlete is under the spotlight with all the pressure on their shoulders. The ability to shake off the nerves in those situations is part of what makes elite athletes who they are.

Building on that idea of handling pressure, Jennifer from Portland, Oregon, has a question for VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp to lead us into the topic of this WorkInSports Podcast episode:

"Hi Brian, I love the podcast and saw one of your promotional videos on LinkedIn for your interview with Jason La Canfora, and LOVED it. I can't believe I'm only just now finding your show. I'm binge listening now, and it is so good. My question is a simple one. I've had three interviews in the last three months, but I bombed them each because of nerves. I get tongue-tied and stumble, and I don't know how to stop it. Any ideas?"

One of the attributes that helps athletes excel is a short memory, which is to say they move on from past mistakes. Let's say Tom Brady throws a lousy interception that puts his team behind. He shakes it off for his next drive, and he doesn't let the past determine his future.

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It is common to be nervous for a job interview because there is a lot at stake for you. It is natural to dig into your research for the interview when you are anxious because you can control it. Preparing for a job interview is essential, and being ready for some tough interview questions while having good questions to ask them helps. Still, it is possible to look too much into potential questions and come off as robotic and inauthentic in your interview.

Instead of being scripted while guessing what questions you will face, use a few of our job interview tips to boost your confidence and nail your next interview.

Here are a few other bits of sports career advice to take home and combat the nerves while preparing for a job interview:

•    Give yourself something to do leading up to the interview.
•    Build a routine for yourself to keep you grounded.
•    Dig into why you feel nervous to discover a way to combat it.

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